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Hello! I'm KoopaTroopa235. My favorite Koopaling is Lemmy!

Why Are The Paper Mario series Partners Not In More Games??

I've been thinking about the partners from the Paper Mario series. Why aren't they in more games? Sure, Kooper, Lady Bow, Goombella, the Yoshi and Vivian had a cameo in Brawl all as stickers, but why are they not in 3-D? I hope they will be! What do you think?

Nuts for Sprites!

I LOVE sprites! I'd love some on my page, but they must be Paper Mario (Thousand Year Door graphics) related sprites, or they may be animated sprites! They must be fanmade, and not a copied sprite, like this one. LemmySMB3Ani.gif

Mario Lacks Dialogue

Why does Mario almost never have ANY dialogue in the series? He had some in Fortune Street, but most of the time, someone speaks FOR him! In some games, like Paper Mario: Sticker Star, he has no VOICE! How dumb! Nintendo had the PERFECT opportunity to give Mario a voice, but no. They made the red-clad plumber mute!

I Hate Long Cutscenes

Bowser's Inside Story's cutscenes were too long! The longest was the one before Dark Bowser! It's too boring! Why must it be SO long?

Lemmy's Land!!! XD

I love Lemmy's Land! There are so many things to do, but Lemmy doesn't EVER update it! If only...

Studying of a blue Koopa

This blue Koopa Troopa is not meant to leave the page. Nonstopper_II_NSMB.gif I'll be studying it.


It's not stopping to breathe.

It's not drifting. That's it.