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Hello worthless priceless viewers. You can call me KoopaGuy or ShyTroopa but I am John Roberts II and you know it. If you don't know that, you will get to know it, boy (or girl). I'm going to troll you now. KoopaGuy, Super Mario Wiki

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Welcome to my cool user page. I hope you like it. If you don't like it, you will be punished. Understand?


Don't pre-judge me as a troll(because I've broken the rules in the past) or else you will be punished. I'm really a nice guy once you get to know me but if you do anything wrong, I'm reporting this to somebody on the Mario Wiki staff and let me tell you, you won't think I'm very nice. If you don't want to be punished, you should follow these or see the opposite of good editing (and yes, I know it's funny). If you would like to talk to me, go to my talk page, go to the chat room and type in "/query KoopaGuy", "/query Shy Troopa", "/query Koopa_Claus_Guy" (around christmas time), "/query DryBoo" (around Halloween time), or "/query JohnRoberts", or you can message and/or email me on the MarioWiki Forums. Here's some of my masterpeices I added to this site:

Here's my Wiki goals (Crossed-out line means I have reached that goal):

  • Become autopatrolled (though it will probably take a while)
  • Become part of the Super Mario Wiki staff (though it probably will take a while)
  • Write for The 'Shroom (may happen soon.) Gotta re-apply
  • Remove articles that don't look like they belong on this Wiki (Though it may never happen completely. :/)


This is a list of nicknames I have had on the wiki, in a chatroom, or on the forums so far.

  • JohnRoberts
  • johnroberts01
  • KoopaGuy
  • Cap'n Long John Roberts (CapnLongJohnRoberts when on chat)
  • ShroomGuy (Writing for the 'Shroom)
  • JohnGuy
  • JohnFrigginRoberts (Me and my immature behavior)
  • KoopaClausGuy (Christmas time)
  • AwayGuy (when Idling on chat)
  • John{KoopaGuy} (I just had to rip off Anton)
  • SomeKidNamedJohn (Long usernames for the win)
  • DrunkGuy (When being funny)
  • BronyJohn (I love MLP!)
  • BVBGuy (I listen to Black Veil Brides)


Here's some of my favorites

  • MarioWiki: BJAODN (absolutely hilarious)
  • any page that I have created (they are listed above)

#BJAODN Chat Room Rules

If you want to go to a MarioWiki: BJAODN chat room, go to nMarioWiki: Chat and type in "/join #BJAODN" and let the awesomeness begin. Now here are the rules:

  • No flooding (typing five or more comments without good reason)
  • No having an unacceptable nickname (using a swear word or impersonating somebody in your nickname)
  • No abusing the power of being an Operator (abusing warning/kicking/banning powers, you will get your operator power taken away and a kick)
  • No repeatedly asking to be an operator
  • No flaming (insulting other people)
  • No spamming (Typing in stupid pointless annoying messages such as random letters and words, flooding, impersonating people with "/npc", ect.)
  • No discrimination (using the n-word, insulting races, religions, ect.)
  • Have fun! :D