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Hi guys! I'm a huge Mario fan. I have Mario Parties 4-8 (For some reason, Mario Party 4 doesn't work!!), and Mario Party DS. I have a few others, like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (AND Olympic Winter Games, both on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.)

Come visit me if you like on my talk page. I'm not really sure if some are available..........barely ever get chats. Maybe because I haven't visited much??

Games I have (Mario of course!!)

Super Mario Galaxy: Good game, my brother has 61 Power Stars now.

Super Mario Galaxy 2: AWESOME! Though we're stuck on World 3...

Mario Party 4: Can't play.

Super Mario 64: Good game. Although I admit that the DS version is better...

Super Mario 64 DS: Just plain awesome.

Mario Kart Wii: It's just AWESOME as me!!

Mario Kart DS: I play a lot, just not on Wi-Fi as I consider it to have too short of players.

M&S at the Olympics and M&S at the Winter Olympics: Have them both on Wii and DS. But I don't like the other team. Mario's more better. Delete them and add a tiny bit more Mario characters.

Mario Party 5: Meh, it's good...

Mario Party 6: All great. The day and night system works out well.

Mario Party 7: Good game, like the 8-Player Battle, hate Bowser Time...can't Bowser take a break???

Mario Party 8: The first Mario Party game I ever had. It's awesome! I got it on my (I can remember which, but it wasn't 2010!!)

Luigi's Mansion: Can't even suck up a single Ghost or Boo. Haven't played a lot.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: Stuck on the "battle" on Kamek of the past.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Perfect-o, I have a data with cheats and one without cheats. I'm currently doing the one without cheats. About that 'lil Star Sprite... isn't she a bit odd like these two are odd?

Mario Super Sluggers: Good, except I FAIL at it. I can't swing good... I can't do well on this. On a 1-10 scale, I would rate this something like...a 7. It's a TINY bit good, all right???

Super Mario Sunshine: It's...odd. WORST STORY EVER. If I were in the game, if in front of me, I could throw (But I couldn't...) that little fail smaller version of Bowser into space where he would trash onto a planet.

Mario Sports Mix: Awesome on the Wii. I like this hockey rather than the other hockey that I can't seem to control.

I like the younger, but looking taller brother of Mario, but I HATE it when he gets possessed by people who don't know what they're doing.

I want to get:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: It looks pretty awesome.

Paper Mario (Nintendo 3DS): Should get it...and TEST!

Mario Kart (Nintendo 3DS): Can't I get a Mario Kart for this? XD

My Personality

I'm calm, kind, and is nice. Sometimes get angry, but that is rare.

I like Luigi, he's awesome. He needs more adventures...hey why am I talking about him here?

I have my only fan-character that is named "Kirdee". He's brown, is like Kirby, has gloves similar to Mario and Luigi.

No matter what, Luigi will always be on my team. I don't really have an userbox to make friends with.

Read my history of you shall be FALCON PUNCHED!!! Just kidding.

I have visited this place as a guest many times, but never registered until later. I forgot the date. However, I forget to enter with my account. Er, that's basicly it. ^_^'

One tiny little message...!

I LIKE MARIO!!! ...That's it. XD

That's all. Yours truly, File:PM2 Gold Star.PNG GoldStar