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Haldo. I am MP8 Waluigi Solo Artwork.pngDaThingsDaisyMP8Official.png. I am a huge fan of Nintendo, but I believe I need to honestly say that I do not favor the Mario series over the Zelda series or vice-versa. However, one of the things I do best in both wikis is to lengthen stubby pages according to my experience on the subject. If I have made any kind of mistake, let me know.

And now what you've all been waiting for... Pictures!

I own one of these.
...Which might as well be one of these.
File:Nintendo 64 Console.jpg
I used to have one of these.
My brother has one of these.
My cousin has one of these.
I used to have one of these, too.
This one sucked too much.
...But this. My cousin's borrowed it since Thanksgiving of 2007.
I'm still being patient.
Never even seen any of them.

Games I've owned (I've beaten the games in Bold):


Nintendo 64 (Used to own):

SNES (Or my brother, rather):

Gameboy/Gameboy Advance: