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Hi! I am found on other NIWA wikis and have been here since 11/30/2010. I’m also yoshiwoollyworld on Discord

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Let's see who's online!

Who's online: Supermario4ever, SONIC123CDMANIA+&K(B&ATSA), MaxTaylor08, BMfan08, GuntherBB, Yoshi the SSM, 1468z, Polley001, Ahemtoday, Memelord2020, Aomaf, JerryTMC, LadySophie17, Nightwicked Bowser, Jdtendo, DryBooBonesfan18, Arend, Marioblue2, PeterL, MarioAmericanSpanish, Ego-lay atman-bay, Apikachu68, Perfection, SolemnStormcloud, Paper Enthusiast, Kumuhmuh, Juju1995, Laziminoes, KingOllie8, DeoxysNA, Spring Luigi, Jkgkffdfb, Drago, Axis, Archivist Toadette, Sparks, Kitapio T., Kingoffire6873 U, FanOfYoshi, Porplemontage

Somebody is very creepy.

Remembered Old Buddy's Userbox Tower
Diddy Kong juggling
Artwork of Mario on Bulb Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Sprite of Baby Bowser walking.
Co-Star Luma
A Comet Medal
An image of Cyndaquil from PokéPark Wii
A sprite of Supremo for the signature of Supremo78
Artwork of Yoshi in Mario Party 10 (also used in Super Mario Party and Mario Kart Tour)
Power Star
Life Mushroom
Mario b-boying from Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.
Luigi's Fireball in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Here is my userbox. If you owned any previous versions, you can keep them or update them to this one. Feel free to take any userboxes in my tower.



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