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Oh. So the problem was HTML? I fixed it. TheGreatBlockyBoo 16:57, 23 June 2007 (EDT)


Sorry, just saying hi. It has been a whole week, what's happened to you lately? Hope you are doing fine. Sorry, just wanted to say hi to you. See ya around buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine

Cool. Haven't seen many of the SMRPG articles lately. Why, they depress me a bit. Well, I managed to get on MarioWiki Chat, and my friend joined the Wiki, but that's about it for me. I also managed to get SSBM and, not that you care, Pokemon Diamond. I have done a lot of edits lately as well. Good to see it is going good for you. I also noticed that SSBB chart. It is really cool, you did a good job on that. OK, see ya around ;)

P.S: Congratulations again on becoming a Patroller.

My Bloody Valentine

Super Mario RPG Story

I was looking through the Wiki, and I came across Super Mario RPG. I noticed the update on Story and, well, I must say... YOU DID A BRILLIANT JOB!! It was marvelous, the Story was laid out perfectly, good job, and I mean REALLY good job. Sorry it took so long to tell you, I only recently saw it. Once again, BRILLIANT. See ya around, buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine


Thanks for fixing that edit on Princess Zelda. Didn't know Sheik hasn't been seen since. Thanks. That's all I wanted to say, sorry for bothering you, see ya around pal ;) My Bloody Valentine

Whos online

You asked me what code I put in. What kind of code are you talking about?Toadbert101 17:41, 27 June 2007 (EDT)

RE: User Page

Good to know that it's helping. After all, that's why I put it up, thanks for the compliment. Thanks for the compliment, and additionally, what's been happening to you the past week? Haven't been able to talk for a while, so something interesting must of happened. Anyway, see ya around buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine

Yeah, I have seen some of your work on SSBM. Pretty good. Well, I forgot to tell you, but a few weeks ago, I joined Fantendo, and quickly became a Sysop. I don't know why I am a Sysop, the whole issue is confusing. I can't think of anything interesting that happened to me, other than that. Again, thanks for the compliment, see ya around pal ;) My Bloody Valentine

Category:Crossover Games

Do you know the Crossover Games Category? Well, should I add Super Mario RPG and Mario Golf to it? After all, Link, Samus, the Arwing, and the F-Zero racers appeared in SMRPG, and The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, and many other series made a cameo on the scorechart of Mario Golf. What do you think? My Bloody Valentine


On the Super Smash Bros. Melee revision thing you have on your User Page, thanks for crediting me on the Voice Actors table. Thanks, see ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine

OK, I won't be able to say goodbye to you when you go, so I'll say it now. Goodbye. See ya next week, hopefully they would have updated something useful :P (Zelda was pretty useful this week, however). This should be fun. Thanks, see ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine


You can use external images for the logo, ya know. Plumber, XIN

You see...

Welcome back. MarioWiki had a few problems, so they were moving it to a differant server. So, it was off for the entire week. It's back now, so enjoy it. Sorry about this, did you enjoy your week off? And what did you think of the updates? See ya around buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine

Cool. Hmmm, do you think that Ocarina of Time Medley will play on Bridge of Eldin? Hmm... So much to still see. Assist Trophies are a great idea. Captain Falcon will be returning, I'll bet. What do you think? My Bloody Valentine
Oh, cool. But, how do you know that music is in the game? Meh, we can fantasize about what we want in Brawl. OK. I hope they update good next week. Catch you later, buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine
Fair enough. I guess it makes sense. When I saw this stage, I said to myself "FINALLY. Almost 2 Years of waiting, and we finally got to see a Legend of Zelda Stage" :P Heh-heh, so, how's that SSB Graph coming along? My Bloody Valentine
Lol, OK, that Graph looks awesome. I already have a list of updates, you have a comparison graph. Awesome :). Well see ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine

Reply: Mario and Sonic

No, can't get at it. -- Sir Grodus

A Request

Next week I am going away for 4 Days. Could you message me when updates? So it is easier for me to keep track of the updates I missed. Thanks. My Bloody Valentine

Si, er, yes. Simple as that. My original plan was to give you a link to edit that section, but that is too risky. OK thanks. My Bloody Valentine
Oh yes, I forgot about that. Lol. I'm so stupid. OK, thanks. My Bloody Valentine
Just a reminder, I am leaving tommorow, so be prepared. My Bloody Valentine P.S. This will be my last edit until Thursday.

RE: Smash Music

YAY!!! Thank you. I have been looking for that music for ages. Thanks. My Email Adress is "". Again, thanks. BTW, I have had Mario Hoops and New Super Mario Bros. for a while. My brother's birthday was on the 6th, and that is when I got my present. My birthday isn't until tommorow. Goodbye childhood, hello adolesance :P OK, thanks. See ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine

Thanks. You're a good helper, no wonder you were made a Patroller :) See ya around, buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine

Sonic in Brawl

How do you know sonic is denied in Brawl?Do you have a source or something?F gLarrynana.gif

Peachycakes Info

OK, thanks. I know she was an evil troll, I just wanted to find out what she did, so thanks for helping me find out. Also, I will now stay away from the Chat until Xzelion gets back. He keeps things in order. See ya around buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine


Thanks for the welcome. Super Mario RPG is my favorite Mario game of all time. And yeah, I'll probably have to copy and paste my name....hahahaha. ♥♪!? 10:54, 19 July 2007 (EDT)


Maybe you can help me with this. I don't understand the latest update on You know, "This World...". I don't get it, so maybe you can help. What do you think it was about? My Bloody Valentine

Yeah, I thought it was to make us think. If you notice, the update is put under a category called "???". So, it will most likely be mysterious for a while. Additionally, no I don't know what that creature is. What is it? My Bloody Valentine
Lol. Well, I wouldn't know, the only obscure Nintendo franchise I play is Pikmin, and I hardly think that is obscure nowadays :P Meh, thanks for helping me out with this topic. My Bloody Valentine P.S. This update also revealed why all the characters were Trophies in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I think we should note that on the Trophy page.

Sonic in Brawl

Yes the source is reliable check wikipedia under the name playable characters in the SSBB page.F gLarrynana.gif

Never mind, please disregard my comment above.F gLarrynana.gif


You are very fast! When I upload an image an image in 10 seconds you add it to an article XD
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mr.Game and Watch (talk).

But I even waited to give you time adding the image yourself... - Cobold (talk · contribs) 16:01, 23 July 2007 (EDT)


You like it? The red links are a mite bit confusing at first, but its easy to get used to it.SaudyTalk!

No, there are a lot of white spaces on mine, too. What I plan on doing one day, is saving all those troublesome white BG pics to my comp, and then editing them in photoshop to have transparent backgrounds. I'll probably get to that around Christmas. The red links match my FF Skin. :PSaudyTalk!

Yeah, a matter or preference. Also, on the how to unlock things, it's going great, except for the method of unlocking Luigi which isn't explained much. :PKnife (talk) 16:51, 1 August 2007 (EDT)

I'm back

I'm back. A day early than I thought, actually :P I thought I would be gone longer, but I was wrong. Thanks for listing the updates, it really helped. See ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine

BTW, about your User Page ("This little place isn't as funny as Lanky kong's or as informative as Pokémon DP's, but it's still worth reading. Well, at least in my humble opinion."). I think your User Page is nice, it is informative, yet doesn't overdo it, unlike my User Page does. I just wanted to compliment you on that. Catch you later ;) My Bloody Valentine
Awesome. Whoa, your holidays are almost here? YAY!!! Time just flew by, didn't it :P Anyway, I look forward to your upcoming edits. See who can get them first :P Lol. Well, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine P.S. Only 5 more sections on my Talk Page before I get another Archive :P

that's completley unfair

it's just a word like dog, cat or eat. I live in britain, and let me tell ya, everyone there is an idiot. what the h*** does spastic mean anyway, it hasn't been banned anywhere else, I hate my life.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bigger sid (talk).

RE: Vote Removal

I must of skipped that during one of the edit conflicts. Sorry, I didn't mean to.Knife (talk) 16:25, 26 July 2007 (EDT)

No wait, I think it may have been this reason, like the weird glitch that started to happen on the FA page. The page is getting editing to much at one time, which may cause weird glitchs all over. Not 100% sure that's the reason.Knife (talk) 16:27, 26 July 2007 (EDT)

I just triend it right now, but for some reason the file's name got messed up and only one file got uploaded. :(Knife (talk) 13:59, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

SSBB Item Table

Thanks for making it for me :D. I was really hoping someone would do that tabel on the Items section. Thanks. See ya around, buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine

SSB Images

I noticed on your User Page, you stated you need a few Images. I could help with that. I know a great place. I could get the Images for you. Or, would you like to get them yourself? Which do you prefer? My Bloody Valentine

Kay-O. Issue is, I can't find the Website :( Don't worry, I'm bound to find it soon. OK, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine
Found it :) My Bloody Valentine


Can you help me put that on all the pages? I have to go for about 10 Minutes, but I will be back to help you out. Sorry I'm asking something so stupid, but, I thought you might want to do it. Thanks, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine P.S. If Fire Emblem is in Brawl, then Earthbound has a HUGE chance of being in it :P

Thanks. I'll do the 3rd Party Characters. My Bloody Valentine
OK, no problem. I was going to put the Delete Tag on that anyway :P Thanks for the help, see ya around, buddy ;) My Bloody Valentine
DONE!!! Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it :) My Bloody Valentine
Sorry for bothering you again, but, should I add the species to the Template? Like, Octorok, Polar Bear, Like Like etc. Just a question. Kay-O, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine
OK. I added the 3rd Party species, however, so, that is the main reason I asked. Here is a tricky question, couldn't all the playable Pokemon in the SSB series be considered a species? Sorry, Kay-O, thanks, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine


Do you know where I might find a "Challenger Approaches" image from Super Smash Bros. Melee? You know about that right? When an Unlockable character challenges you. Can you help me find it? Please. Thanks, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine

Sorry, but...

OK, I know you are REALLY getting sick and tired of me, but, I have to ask. The official site stated that SSBB will be a Side-Scroller as well. So, should I put it on Category: Platforming Games? Sorry for bugging you again. My Bloody Valentine

Kay-O, thanks. I'll try and leave you alone now. My Bloody Valentine

Scroll Boxes

If you're removing the Scroll Boxes, can I help? I hate those things, and I would like to help you out. My Bloody Valentine P.S. Play Mario Strikers Charged :P.

Kay-O. Don't worry, I knew about those }} at the end all this time. Additionally, that's too bad. But, when you do get a Wii (Save up for it), get Mario Strikers Charged. It is very much worth it, it never gets boring :) My Bloody Valentine
Ah yes, Brawl. Which would be better... That's an easy answer, Brawl, definitely :P But, MSC comes close. Kay-O, hope you get one soon. My Bloody Valentine P.S. Mario Strikers Charged has more unlockables than Super Mario Strikers.


Hi, sorry about deleting that redirect. I thought it was an error, as I found some links to it... Hmmmm, anyway; something is up; shouldn't the redirects that have the s (as purals) should be removed? I looked into one of my articles and placed...

Yoshi Egg s (with the "s" outside of the link and next to it)

Instead of

Yoshi Eggs  (as a redirect with the "s" inside the link)

(Without the spaces) Should we delete them for some reason or should still be kept as redirects? RAP.pngRAP... Just saying as an idea...

Updates Section

No, I mean, I need to make it shorter. By shorter, I mean, use the show/hide feature. However, Xzelion tried this, and it didn't work, so I need someone else to help me use the show/hide feature. Secondly, SHOOT, I totally forgot. I'll get the Image now. Kay-O, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine P.S. How come nobody wants to get Mario & Sonic?

YAY!!! IT WORKED!!! :) Thanks. Xzelion couldn't do it, so, I was kinda stumped. So, thanks. However, I can't just leave it in one big pile, I will split it up, but, by how much? Should I split it into every Fortnight? Or every Month? My Bloody Valentine
No, wait. I DIDN'T WORK >_< The same thing happened when Xzelion tried it. Please find out what is wrong with it. My Bloody Valentine
I didn't work. Never mind, sorry for wasting your time, and for wasting my time as well. How many edits could we have done if we just ignored this. See ya around. My Bloody Valentine

You deserve this...

You are really good at editing, and helping other Users. I think you should be a Sysop, that's my opinion. This message has no meaning, other than to compliment you on your work :) However, you do have to work on your attitude. You always come across as rather rude, so just giving you this heads-up. Sorry for wasting your time, see ya around ;) My Bloody Valentine I'm not kidding, you deserve to be a Sysop. :)

I know I have to work on my attitude. I had some incidents and I've learned from them, I hope. Anyway, I will only want to become sysop when there's need for them. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 05:24, 7 August 2007 (EDT)
Yeah, but, still, you are deserving of the position. I am serious, you are an awesome User. Also, did I do a good job with Ike's moves on Template:SSB Moves? My Bloody Valentine BTW, do you know who Knife is?

Kid Icarus Music

Sorry for disturbing you, especially this time, cos' I'm asking for something big here. Is it possible if you can get the Kid Icarus: The Underworld music for me? Sorry, but, I love the SSB music, and the Kid Icarus track is no exception. Sorry about this, I feel terrible for bothering you with something like this :( See ya around. My Bloody Valentine P.S. You don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Oh, that's right. Sorry :P Thanks. Also, I AM WORTHLESS WITH THE LEGEND OF ZELDA STUFF >_< My Bloody Valentine How many times does my sig appear on your talk page?
WOAH!!! 52 times now :P That's a lot, I must bug you a lot. My Bloody Valentine
Thanks for the music :) My Bloody Valentine 53 times.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Review

Hmm... let's see how you do.Knife (talk) 00:39, 9 August 2007 (EDT)

Cobold, I have failed you on getting a good Flat Zone image. THAT IMAGE IS TERRIBLY SMALL!! >_< However, I found the website I have been trying to find, and got you a better Image. Just messaging you to say I found the Image you needed. Sorry, see ya around. My Bloody Valentine 54 times :P


I'm not sure. We had an issue with Mario Strikers Charged and whether to name it where it came out first, the PAL area, as Mario Strikers Charged Football, but eventually after seeing viewership statistics (US totaled over 90% of our page views), we decided to keep with the US name. On one side you could say that we should keep to English tradition for titling to keep with the precedent, on another the original German should stay as is. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y, message sent to both Grandy02 (talk) and Cobold (talk), 11:17, 10 August 2007 (EDT) addition for you Cobold: what's with the partofpipe at the top of this page? Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 11:17, 10 August 2007 (EDT)

I don't have a problem with it, and you're free to move all pages back, including new ones, and tell Time Q to do it normally. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 12:09, 10 August 2007 (EDT)

SSBM Review

I was just wondering, if you need any help fixing up the Super Smash Bros. Melee for those reviews. I know how much this review for Super Smash Bros. Melee means to you, and, I am willing to do anything to help you make Super Smash Bros. Melee one of the best articles ever. So, can I help? And, if so, what shall I do? My Bloody Valentine Where'd you get that PipeProject idea for your talk page? It is hilarious. Keep it, it is a really a good idea.

Kay-O. What Images ya need? I'll be sure to get them for you. My Bloody Valentine Anything else, I'll be happy to help with ;)
OK, I'll look tommorow. Its 10:30PM down here, so, I'll start tommorow. You can count on me *salutes* :P Don't worry, I'll do whatever I can to make this the best article ever ;) My Bloody Valentine


Erm......... i wanted to delete those. i thought they were already deleted... shoot!- Shyster NO!!! i meant the others!!!! i had other that AREW deleted. Xzelion deleted them for me a long time ago i remembered it just now

The picture

How do you add the private image template on a picture. i want to upload one for my page- ShysterTalk to me!

Image Problem...

In a few days, maybe weeks, I will be getting DSL Wireless, and my parents don't want me uploading as many Images. Because I am already doing a lot of Image work (here), could you upload all the SSBB Images? Not now, I mean sometime close in the future. My Bloody Valentine Also, tell me what you think of my work on the link above.

Thanks ;) My Bloody Valentine
I'll tell you when I get DSL Wireless, OK? My Bloody Valentine

Thank You

That's all I have to say. Gofer


Awesome job blocking 'em all. YELLOWYOSHI398