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Super Mario Galaxy

Hi everbody! I need help--badly! I have been playing Super Mario Galaxy for a while now, and need help finding hidden stars. Here is a list of hidden stars I need to find. It's alot, because I only found 99 Power Stars before going to the center of the universe to save Princess Peach and beat Bowser.

Deep Dark Galaxy

  • Boo in a box
  • Plunder the Purlple Coins

Dreadnought Galaxy

  • Battlestation's Purple Coins
  • Dreadnought's Garbage Dump

Melty Molten Galaxy

  • Red-Hot Purple Coins

Gold Leaf Galaxy

  • Purple Coins in the woods

Sea Slide Galaxy

  • Purple Coins by the seaside

Gusty Garden Galaxy

  • Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube
  • The Golden Chomp

Freezeflame Galaxy

  • Purple Coins on the Summit
  • Conquering the Summit

Dusty Dune Galaxy

  • Purple Coins in the Desert
  • Bullet Bill on Your Back
  • Treasure of the Pyramid


The Following contains some spoilers of Super Mario Galaxy

Cosmic Mario Races

Do you find racing yourself hard? Well forget about that! I've got a good cheat for you right here (if you want it that is and, if you dont already know it)! Okay, when the countdown timer starts, hold foward, and when the timer reaches 2, hold Z to crouch, and when the race begins hit A right away to turn yellow for some time and get a good head start in front of Cosmic Mario.

Watermelons, or Coconuts?

Which do you like better, Watermelons, or Coconuts? In the game, if you collect 9,999 star bits, you will turn all the Coconuts in the game, to Watermelons! How great is that?