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This is my profile

Favorite Game: Mario Kart 8

Favorite Console: Wii U

The list of best Mario 3D Platformers

1st: Super Mario 64 DS

2nd: Super Mario 3D World

3rd: Super Mario Galaxy 2

4th: Super Mario Galaxy

5th: Super Mario Sunshine

6th: Super Mario 64

7th: Super Mario 3D Land

8th: Mario Clash

Best Mario Kart Games(No Arcade Games)

1st: Mario Kart 8

2nd: Mario Kart 7

3rd: Mario Kart Double Dash

4th: Mario Kart DS

5th: Mario Kart Wii

6th: Super Mario Kart

7th: Mario Kart 64

8th: Mario Kart Super Circuit

Best Nintendo Consoles(No Color TV Game,Game&Watch,Arcade,MS-DOS,Windows,etc.)

1st: Wii U

2nd: Nintendo 3DS

3rd: Wii

4th: Nintendo DS

5th: Nintendo Gamecube

6th: Gameboy Advance

7th: Nintendo 64

8th: Gameboy Color