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Fun Stuff

Poll Corner

by YellowYoshi127 (talk) This week's poll: Click the link to vote;

Which SMG boss has the best music?

  • Bouldergeist/Kingpin
  • Baron Brr/Undergrunt gunners.
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bugaboom/King Kaliente/Topmaniac
  • Dino Piranhs/Fiery Dino Piranha/Tarantox
  • Kamella
  • Major Burrows
  • Megaleg

Find the Differences

by Super Luigi! Number one! (talk)
[1] - Real image [2] - Photoshop [3] - Answers!

Mistery Image

by Tucayo (talk)

Well, as this is a special issue, we will have the double! Which means 10 images! Here we go:
barrymod.jpg bowmod.jpg dooplissmod.jpg emilymod.jpg fuzzmod.jpg minikongmod.jpg pacmanmod.jpg poisonpuffmod.jpg queennimbusmod.jpg toadettemod.jpg



By Tucayo (talk)

Well, last month picrosses were successfully guessed by Paper (first) and Luigi 128 (second :P), Congratulations! I hope more people can solve them this month :)
picross1.jpg picross2.jpg picross3.jpg

If you think you have it, PM me the answers!