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Director’s Notes

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Thanks to MG1 for directing the Pipe Plaza this issue. a!!!

Marioguy1 (talk)

Hey guys! Pipe Plaza is here again! This is the Pipe Plaza’s anniversary! So everyone freak out and have a party and stuff because the Pipe Plaza is so awesome that it has survived a whole twelve issues. Other than that, we still have spots open and need writers to fill them.

Tips of the Month

FunkyK38 (talk)

Tip of the Month: You're only allowed 4 Personal Images to use on your page or signature, so make sure you don't go over that. It's generally frowned upon to have more than 4, and a sysop will be quick to tell you to delete as many as you're over their limit.

Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! Tucayo here, with Tip of the Month. Perhaps you remember that I was the first writer this section had (it was known as Maintenance at that time), well, I am back as part of the surprise I commented about on the Sub Director Notes.
For this issue, I have various tips for when you don’t know how you can help the wiki:

  • First of all, click Random Page, and when you are there, there are many things you can do to improve the article
  • Add categories. Go to the bottom of the page, and see, can the article subject fit in another category? If so, add the category! Let’s say I come upon Magical Typewriter, and it is categorized under items. Since it is also an object, I could go and add [[Category:Objects]] to it. But please. Don’t create stupid categories just for the sake of categorizing.
  • Images alignment. Sometimes we see articles with too many images on one side, and the text ends, and the images go on. To avoid that, it is better to alternate images (left, right, left, right, left [Congratulations if you understood the hidden reference]). Let’s say, we come upon this article. The images there end way after the text, so what we would do is, we go to one image, let’s say [[File:Joint Tower.png|thumb|The '''Joint Tower''']], and we add [[File:Joint Tower.png|thumb|left|The '''Joint Tower''']] so it is aligned to the left, and it looks beautiful like this.
  • Next, if we come upon an article that is from other series (these are normally the SSB articles), like Ridley, we can add interwiki links to NIWA wikis. For example, we can link “Metroid” and “Space Pirates” to our partner wiki MetroidWiki. How to do this? It’s simple, just link this way: [[:metroidwiki:Space Pirates|Space Pirates]] and it will take you to the desired wiki, which covers the subject more detailed. Also, follow the Link Once and Only Once rule, and, if we have an article on the subject (Planet Zebes), link to us, and then, in the other article, link to the other wiki. Here is a list of the wikis you can link to (substitute the name in the link coding):
    • Bulbapedia
    • ZeldaWiki
    • WiKirby
    • MetroidWiki
    • WarsWiki
    • LylatWiki
    • Pikipedia
    • StrategyWiki
    • DKWiki
    • ACWiki
    • SmashWiki
    • WikiBound
    • GoldenSun
  • To compliment the interwiki linking, also add external links, such as the game page, game footage, etc. An example can be seen here.
  • Add infoboxes and images. Infoboxes are a neat and organized way of summarizing an article. You can add infoboxes to many articles, and there is a type of infobox for most articles (full list). Images are too needed in most articles, I’ll take an article that needs both things. For example, Office of Film and Literature Classification, it is a company, so we use the {{company infobox}} template. We can copy the coding, and fill it ourselves, for example:

{{company infobox |logo=OFLC.png |width=250px |founded=1970 |firstgame= |lastgame= |president=Robert McClelland }}

  • For the image, we can search any image in Google, and then upload it. Be sure to add the right license tag to it (logo for this one). And just add the image name, and extension, no [[File:For the info we don’t know, we can use good old Wikipedia.
  • In width add something in between 200px and 300px, preferably 250px.

If there is anything it doesn’t fit here, we can leave it blank, in this case, first and last game can’t be filled.
And that is all we’ve got for this month’s tips! I hope you found them useful.

Featured (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hola everybody! It’s time for Featured! Now, I still don’t like those stupid links so I’m going to yell at 22 to fix them later today...wait...he’s the EiC?...nvm...

But I am going to get an admin to fix all those links sometime in the near future (hopefully) so don’t worry. Anyways,

  • Featured
    • List of Saffron and Dyllis Recipes/By Ingredient

Forum Update (Ralphfan (talk))


  • Drseaweed spammed the forums on the 7th. He made 26 posts.
  • WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 is on hiatus.
  • Master Crash has returned.

Name changes:

  • BBGArmy: BBGArmy --> KoopaTroop
  • Becquerel: Becquerel --> Becsprite
  • BluePikminKong397: U.S. Congress --> Galaxy Man
  • DogFreak: DogFreak --> Home-Dawg
  • DyegoHalliwell IceMario12: DyegoHalliwell_IceMario --> Ice_Halliwell012
  • Gamefreak75: Yin-Yarn --> Gamefreak75
  • Lily x: Link_Dudette --> Legend of Lily
  • Mason: Lrrr --> Silly Mason
  • Master Crash: Prune Juice Lord --> Macaroni Bomb Vest
  • MrConcreteDonkey: E-102 γ --> MrConcreteDonkey
  • MST3K: Deadpool --> クッパJr.
  • New Super Mario: Super Moogle --> Mugly --> New Snowman Mario
  • Rocker64: Rocker64 --> Hawk Eye
  • Scorpion999: Scorpion999 --> Advisor Ragnarok --> The Necromancer --> Ebirah
  • SolarBlaze: Blaze the Cat --> Mystical Ninja
  • SpinyMaster347: Rtas' Vadum --> Umpire Raccoon
  • Tucayo: Homely Potato --> Tucayo
  • Villain11: Villain11 --> Villain
  • YamiHoshi: --> ヤミホシ

Mafia Games:

  • The Sonictians won NSM's Sonic Mafia.
  • The Mafia, led by BPK, won MrConcreteDonkey's Halloween Mafia.
  • The Mafia, led by Ninji, won Xzealio's XzMafia.
  • MBV more or less won Shyguy27's Broken Mafia.
  • The Space Pirates, led by MG1, won Gamefreak75's Metroid Mafia.
  • The Mafia, led by Gamefreak75, won The 'Shroom Mafia!

Mario Calendar (No attribution)

Hey guys! WigglerWhoopinWarrior couldn’t send in his section so in its place you get a link!

NIWA News (RAP (talk))

Good day - good evening - good afternoon to readers out there! This is NIWA News, a section where you get the latest buzz on anything NIWA! Two pieces of news regarding the new wikis -

  • First, Golden Sun Universe joined NIWA at the 9th of November (Monday to be exact), the same time as the North America release of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. The wiki features a new skin designed by dkpat...congrats to him for making this type of effort!
  • Donkey Kong Wiki changes it's background to a "Christmas-y" theme due to the fact it's December. Speaking of December, Bulbapedia is also running a Christmas Improvement Drive. Unfortunately, it's due at the 24th of December.
  • Metroid Wiki needs your help! The wiki is down...! And it needs funding in order to keep it running! Check here for the details!

And finally. I've been waiting long to reveal this: Nintendo Wiki (also called N Wiki, NintendoWiki and NIWA Wiki) joins NIWA on the December of 10th. This is the first wiki project is that composed of some of the NIWA's staff editors including tacopill, TTE, Malake256, Axiomist, and more.

Coming from the topic from NIWA forums:

Hello readers - I'm RAP, the creator of Nintendo Wiki (usually called "N Wiki"). I originate from the Super Mario Wiki as a former Sysop when NIWA was first being developed. The Nintendo Wiki covers anything Nintendo-related - primarily covering anything the company has done, along with its employees, their thoughts, and actions. Its more than just the games they produced at first glance.

The idea came up to me earlier this year when I was off the computer, having other things to do during the day. It was during the time NIWA was formed. I've been thinking of the three wikis since they formed an alliance, and seeing that there are series-less articles about Nintendo consoles, along with the people who work for Nintendo such as Shigeru Miyamoto, I thought - 'Why not put it into good use and have a wiki based on anything Nintendo-related'? Another primary purpose is that the wiki would let the rest of the world know the complete info about Nintendo instead of relying on Wikipedia for the info. People who play some of the most popular franchises should know a decent amount of info about the company. Think about it, casual people think Nintendo as a friendly company who makes "kiddie games" - but more willing readers, and the people who know Nintendo very well will know the true side of Nintendo between back then, and now.

With the idea gathering positive reception by the general staff conscious, I started gathering Nintendo links/hyperlinks, and started learning more about Nintendo by reading over time. During that period, I've been waiting and asking when the N Wiki website is going to be set up. Eventually, after waiting somewhat patiently, Archaic finally told me it's open!

At the time he told me that, I was the only one doing some of the work. It felt odd working by myself when other people were busy with their own respective wikis. Then with the assistance of some of the notable NIWA staff members such as TTE (who assisted me at an earlier time), and Tacopill (who came at a later time - also assisting me) - content was made, templates were created, and the stuff they did increased the development of the wiki as time goes. There were some wiki activity droughts here and there during the "behind the scenes" period, but relief was made thanks to these two members. In addition, credit to dkpat for making this nice, technical skin along with the logo he finalized from my concept drawing.

Nintendo Wiki launches a new era that offers unbiased information concerning Nintendo-all in one central encyclopedia. The wiki's primary focus is items that relate directly to Nintendo as a company: Its products, its people, and its actions. N Wiki also shall have a secondary focus on items that indirectly relate to Nintendo, such as notable third parties and contractors, as well as notable Nintendo-related products that they have produced. I honor the many Nintendo fan sites and communities whether they are successful or struggling for life, as well as those who have dematerialized to simple memories.

With that said, there's going to be more to come in the future, and I need your help to get there. You can help by visiting the wiki, and make a contribution by providing info, organizing info, or uploading images.

Thank you for reading fellow MarioWikians.