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Director’s Notes


Guys, I'm honestly impressed. No, I'm serious.

This is the best month that the Music & Artwork has seen in a while. I got more sections in my inbox than most other months! Um... I'm sad to say that BPK has seemingly retired, so his section (Random Image of the Month) will most likely be up for grabs. I'm not sure if I announced this last month, but Fawfulfury is in charge of Screenshot of the Month. Also, BabyLuigiOnFire has signed up for Sketch Related o Mario, and she has submitted a wonderful section this month! I look forward to having more issues like, and even better, than this one.

Sketch Related to Mario (BLOF)

Here is my Mario-related drawing of the month. This month, my sketch is mostly an emotion sheet of the character, Baby Mario! Some other drawings are also added in, but this sheet mostly covers Baby Mario's emotions. See you next month for the latest sketch drawn by me!

Sprite of the Month (FunkyK38)

Boo Pit.png
This is a cute sprite of Boo from PiT. You don't usually see them like this, so it's rare to have a sprite where they are hiding their faces.

Screenshot of the Month (Fawfulfury65)

Tug o' War
Welcome to the Screenshot of the Month with your favorite writer, Fawfulfury65. This month I decided to choose an image of one of the most painful (and fun) minigames in Mario Party. Yes, it is indeed painful. As you can see, the minigame is based on the ol' tug of war game (obviously because the game is called Tug o' War), and the odd Bowser-player mix (who is really everyone's favorite character, Wario) must pull the three players on the other side of the canyon into the mouth of the Piranha Plant. Why is it painful? Because you have to rotate the control stick with the palm of your hand. Ouch, blisters. The sunset in the background really makes this image look pretty, and the whole picture has some bright colors. So there you have it, tune in next month for the next Screenshot of the Month! Yes, be excited or else.

Random Image of the Month (BPK497)

Hi there 'Shroomers! it's a-me, BluePikminKong497, with this issue's

This month's image is:

The Black Apple sprite.
A Black Apple in Super Paper Mario, nothing exciting :(
Thanks for reading and see you next month! Ciao!

Box-Art of the Month (Homestar Runner)

Japanese boxart for Yoshi's Story
As you can see, this month I am featuring Japanese boxart this week- specifically, the Japanese boxart for Yoshi's Story. This image uses a quilt-like art style, which was a very good choice and was pulled off well. Plus, it's cute!

Random Artwork of the Month (Tucayo)

Well, I am not supposed to write this, but when I saw this image, I couldn't help but post it here. Image made by Nintendo of Japan.


Happy Birthday Super Mario Bros!