The 'Shroom:Issue XLII/Director's Notes

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Staff Notes

Sub Director Notes

By Tucayo (talk)

Hello. I just want to apologize, because family business required all of my attention and I wasn't able to do anything but write my FN section. Sorry again.

Editor‐in‐Chief notes


Alright, alright… you don't have to shout.

By Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Helloooo all you wonderful readers of The ’Shroom. ♥ Stooben has died and Tucayo is busy, so SMB volunteered to direct this month's issue. That makes him the Substitute Director, but please don't shorten it to “Sub Director” or something horrendous will happen to you. ♥

Anyway, you might have noticed that we have a new background this month. Or did we have it last month too? I don't recall. Either way it's by Edofenrir (talk) and it's amazing. Go send him candies and things.

As per usual, we've had some staffing changes because all our old staff got eaten up by my pet piranha plant.

  • Ralphfan (talk) is now writing the Review Corner. His debut review is about Mario Stadium Family Baseball, so go check it out. Seriously. GO.
  • Fake Music is now covered by BluePikminKong497 (talk). He gives us a nice review of More than a Mushroom by The Koop.
  • MrConcreteDonkey (talk) joined on as our official Fake TV guru. Go read his report on Mushroom City or suffer. (Note that there is no guarantee that your suffering will be averted if you do read it.)
  • New Super Mario (talk) and Edofenrir (talk) are writing Fake Weather now. Yes, both of them. What happens if their weather forecasts are contradictory? Well, you pay a visit to the ministry of love, of course.
  • DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 (talk) and MrConcreteDonkey (talk) round out the additions to our fake news team, with Fake Characters. Their section left me speechless. I laughed, I cried. I found five dollars.
  • BabyLuigiOnFire (talk) lends her artistic talents to the Art & Music section of The ’Shroom, with the Sketch Related to Mario section. In this case, it's more of a Many Sketches Related to Mario section, though.
  • BluePikminKong497 (talk) is in charge of Random Image of the Month now. What is the random image of the month? Go find out.
  • Homestar Runner (talk) is now homestar running Box-Art of the Month. What? You don't like my pun?

So yeah, things were really shaken up this month. We probably also lost some people to my voracious piranha plant but I don't care about that because let's focus on the positive. Or else.

Guys, have you seen the poll on the main page, the one about the Kremlings? I'm very happy about the results of that poll.

Substitute Director Notes

By Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Hello readers, SMB here. As you might have seen, I posted this issue up this month. To explain, Stooben has evaporated and will (hopefully) be back soon. Tucky had some family business he has to tend to (as he mentioned above). Tucky asked me to ost up the issue ad everything this month... And that's where we are now.

So yes; sit back and enjoy the issue!