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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello morsels, this is Hooktail here, a female dragon in the claws of this section. Unfortunately my little koopaling is kinda running late. Er, in fact, he's asleep back in his room... Poor scaly body, but I heard he has one fan game up his own little sleeve... Or shell if I may ask! So, I'll be taking over this for now, and wow; I just toke Ryan's place during chat as some operator before. And yet some oppies wouldn't bother deop me, such morsels. Say, if you don't know about this dragon, and which I meant me; you never played a video game called Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door morsels! It's about some guy named Mario, yeah I'm starting to despise him alright, and he had a bunch of so called partners just wanted to slay me! And yet there's more than just that... it's just I won't get much away because it had some story that relates to me...

...So shortlife, (licks her lips) do you want to know this section you ask poorly? Sure, why not? If you'd been reading this section, skip this I dare you! But you'll be dragon food if your do it on purpose! (snarls and roars) Have you seen this title of the section, do you? It's the Entertainment Section! But there could be more than just that. It's all about having the latest information about all of this section just to fill up with a few things, gimmicks, I dunno, just about anything that my growling stomach can be fed. (stomps hard) Grrrr, I want morsels now! I wannnnnnt it now! (Hooktail sees a group of unnamed users in MarioWiki) Hellllllllllo lunch, this could take a while...

(Hooktail roars out of the flying mansion, swooping down with her wings, gobbling up those little snacklings as part of her meal. After a while she flies back up with her stomach finally full and still wiggling.)

Ahhhhhhh, so full, I can feel the prey's final moments before they just drift off to sleep; awaiting for my stomach acids. Let's go with my latest video I'd found. (dragon smile)

Hooktail's Section:
Super Mario Fusion: World 1-6 (Hammer Bro Hideout)

Hmm, Hammer Bros.? Sounds like a series of those sub-species of so called sub-Koopas! And oh, that video box? Oh man, it's in my stomach when I ate that file. Hold on... (spits out the video box)

Oh, another Super Mario Fusion eh? What's that about? What is it? OMG, it's Mr. Jumpsallthetime! The lone hero who would stomp on people like Goombas, Koopas, and maybe Koops, that used-to-be-a-coward koopa that finally slain me! Wait, there's... Hammer Bros.? Those guys who throw a bunch of Hammers and just walk and back, and forward and back, throwing them on rows of Brick Blocks and junk like that.

In this video, this plumber which I don't really care goes of defeating some Hammer Brothers by simply jumping on their heads. Sounds simple? Ehhh, not. The hammers will take care of them! I think they're avenging me from being slain. ...But that's not the point that links to my relations, I'm not related to those Koopas. I'd rather dine on them! Back on-topic is where when he defeats those Koopas, it's not an easy task for him, not like when he encounters one back then in some game called Super Mario Bros. 3. Instead, some magical enchanted mysterious breathtaking blue door appears to go to... the NEXT level of battling those walkers. In a couple of sections or so he'll meet two other types of sub-species, Fire Brothers and Boomerang Brothers, sounds challenging... But Mario will have to kill them anyway.

But in the last area, I'd say no more. You shortlives have to see it yourself, forcefully. (evil dragon smile) Anyhow, if anyone I mean anyone that you read this section have no idea what Super Mario Fusion's about, you have no idea that there's another video related to this and somehow the name of the provider is... me! To see it yet again go to this link, scroll your browser page down and you'll see my first performance on that video review! If not, talk to me about something ok? Once that's taken care of, you'll just be unrecognized towards your friends or the public with me at a moment. (narrows dragon eyes)

Er, I'll be right back.

(Hooktail goes to Ryan's room in his own mansion, he sees Ryan in his medieval bed, sounding asleep with his shell replaced by his pajamas)
Hooktail: Ryannnnn, wake up.
(Hooktail licks his face drooling some thick saliva on him, Ryan finally wakes up)
Ryan: Wha, what? Oh, is it time? I was tired from homework and everything with my crazy family... . . .
Hooktail: (snarls) It's the Shroom time!!!
Ryan: Ohhhh, thanks for waking me up girl.
Hooktail: My beastly pleasure. ^_^
Ryan: Er listen girl, I gotta do my procedures before this (look at the saliva all over his body) since you covered me in thick saliva I have to take a shower.
(After a few moments, Ryan is clean with his shell worn by himself. He is ready for the fan game review.)

OK, it's time to kick it up for you guys waiting for. It's...

RAP's Section:
Super Mario War 1.7 April Fools Edition

What-za-min-ni-ute! I'm in the second last section?! Oh, correction, LAST SECTION in my part of my section!! ...Whoa that was confusing, a section and a section, maybe my section has a sub-section while Hooktail has a sub-section too and... (mutters and then...) Oh, and wait... April Fools Edition?! This one's a year and a few days ago! XD Eh, at least this is the latest version at least. Or maybe very least. As I last heard, this special edition consists of secret power-ups and maybe some unlockables for all of you to play. The replayability score increases Tongue ...But I don't want to spoil ever more. Let's get to the basics.

Super Mario War is a fun-fighting deathmatch game where players play in a certain area with a selected mode one of the players had decided for themselves for a load of playtime. Oh wait, there's no online play, so the player is forced to play with a bunch of average CPUs that think jumping is the best solution ever! It's not! What's worse than jumping for getting the glory, being dead meat that's who! Despite that, it would sure had increased the replayability with many more levelsets to gimmick with and crazy modes to slot and choose with a smash of your hammer!

In this current version of the game, there are currently 17 modes to choose from with differing into the levelmaps of your choice. Frenzy is when there are cards with power-ups attached to them appearing during the game instead of using the Question Block to get the power-up underhandedly hidden. Survival has to do with surviving from the three most dangerous traps encountered, Thwomps, Podoboos, and Bowser's fireballs from nowhere but between the left and the right side. Owned is straight forward, defeat your foe with a Stomp, a hammer, or using a nice burn with the Fire Flower and that defeated foe automatically owes you points for defeating that guy. If the player who's getting points gets stomped, the point taking stops. :) and Coin Collection, oooh! This one's my favorites actually! Another straight forward mode where you simply collect a certain amount of Coins to win. Simple right? No, you'll have to watch out for the other players, the power-ups, the obstacles in the levelmap and that would be it. XD

There's a Tournament and Tours created by certain players who love a kick for a challenge with a planned out mix and match of items, levelsets, certain settings, and certain modes to just kick it up a notch. This mode is a good choice for those users who are “two” lazzzy to make a challenge for themselves instead of creating challenges towards overs. Heh heh heh, funny.

To increase the replayabilty yet even more, the game provided a level editor for fans of this fan game to create levels to battle with it for their own and share it to their friends, or even the forum itself! There are (grabs his notebook) Warp Pipes, Donut Blocks, ? Blocks, Music Blocks and more with the texture of the background it makes it unique including the introduction of moving platforms to control and alter. There are more than tens of backgrounds in that level editors for players to choose for their own field.

Another nice thing would be custom skins for their players, I can tell that it was considered pretty nice with it's own limits. I can tell, there's hundreds of custom skins to think of as of now, like Bowser; yeah! Bowser finally fits into a 32x32 pixel piece! Tongue Pacman, er, without the legs. XD A Baby Yoshi, awwwwww... it does look cute... unless it's defeated in pain. XP Sonic!?! now that custom skin made it into that current version! And finally, the Sandbag! LOL it looks like a marshmallow! I'm serious! Spriters can sprite out custom skins as a request or for themselves to spend their own time with. In addition, there is also custom graphics to refine the concept of the whole game. More experienced users can alter the main menu, it's interior before playtime begins, and also graphics during the game. It would be different, with different colors, it's shading, shape, or maybe completely different apart from the original game.

This largely massively deathmatch game is originally created by Samuele Poletto who wrote one of the first versions of this game. It was mentioned that it felt ugly back then when it took place until a guy named Florian Hufsky decided to take his scrapped work to the next level. He had made a success and entirely supported a team who excessively loved the game and wanted to praise working with it fan-made. These main guys are... Two52 for continuing on coding during his spare time, Jared for having a management of user idea suggestions, thus continuously contributing them also, dolorous for actually writing out the Linux versions of this game, Steven Graff praised for providing new graphics for this awesome game, Link901 for being a notable moderator in the forums and for his work on the latest graphics pack, and finally Some Mac Guy for maintaining the Mac versions of this game! The very best is that the game has it's own website! Not just provided by one as a such of a commercial.

So users, if you want something completely new towards you that has to do with fighting similar to the Super Smash Bros. Series but with the Mario-themed pieces, wanted to POW Block over 15 items packed in for quite a surprise, with probably over 1000 maps created by users (uh, the site said it, XD) who contributed this towards the gaming world in fan games, go stomp some players here!

(Ryan is seen tired now after speaking about his largest review so far)
Ryan: W-O-W! This is quite an after shock eh Hooktail?
Hooktail: Uhhhhh, more like a series of you being that tired!
Ryan: About that game, I used to be in the forums and contributed some ideas and became a nice fan of it... Until I went to the Super Mario Wiki and plus the wiki helped me to find you when I thought you were slain by Mario, Goombella, and Koops!
Hooktail: Ah, jogged your own memory eh little koopaling?
(Ryan is seen asleep on the floor, muttering some sentences before completely sleeping)
Ryan: I wish I was like Jared who manages user suggestions, but instead went to a wiki, finally found Hooktail, and became a bureaucrat. :) (sleeps)
(Hooktail rawrs softly, starring at him, having a moment with him that time. She hears her stomach growl, she decides to eat him up)
Hooktail: (whispering while rubbing her stomach) Sleep tight Ryan.
(Hooktail does her normal doings while Ryan remains sleeping in her stomach soundly)