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by RAP.pngRAP...

Ryan with an A and P here with some wacky taste in my own personal and charming life! Yes, it's between being the youngest 'crat in MarioWiki, being surprisingly proud of my countless efforts, being with my very past of my medieval times with someone I know longingly, and that would be a girl dragon which I'm normally with, around my mansion, in the wiki, even in the chatroom; Hooktail! That dragon is good today, looking good also. ;P Heh heh heh, my current status during my life is a little corrupted, *rolls* In fact, I'd have to clear my bad habits around my vast paces of my linear life... like sleeping real late! And oh yeah, and also others that you would not be notice within your own needs.

Hey guest! ...or user who was new… or the ones that I actually know in my untouchable memory banks that you possibly can't, I'd say can't be looked over! Meet my section, the Entertainment Section where you can be provided by your tasting pleasure of pure intense fun with my reviews combined with its wacky situations you'd have to watch out!! I can assure you that this section will kick it off just like The Fake News section. Oh wait! There's a newcomer in this section, it's someone that I know who had asked with its loving needs... The guy is... (meanwhile)

Blitzwing: Well this is awkward... for you.
???: What do you mean? Ryan's being himself.
Blitzwing: I know, I once criticized him for having you ever since you'd been in the Shroom papers.
???: Well maybe your just crazy, (narrows eyes)
Blitzwing: I realized that I pushed it too hard.
???: And what's your recommendations... director... (narrows eyes more)
Blitzwing: (frightened) Uh, uh... DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!!
???: What's that supposed to mean?! I'm a beast!...

(back to Ryan)

...not a guy, but rather someone else with I like and so on. If you know this, good for you. Onto my review!

RAP's Section:
Mario Curse Medallion

AH! What's this, it looks likes that little childish Mario has found a cursed medallion for himself. And suddenly, his life suddenly changed forever!! And ever, and ever! When he touches it, shockingly he was deeply cursed of cancelling out his jumping skills... and yet the worst had came, the whole piece itself was broken in pieces! Uh-oh, looks like Mario has to find the lost pieces from all over the lands of... mazes?! And wait a minute... it smells like something *sniff*, and tastes like something *tastes the thin air* Hmmmm, it's Pacman!! With a compact mix of Mario related items to wackify your playing needs!

The gameplay in the first level starts in the basic needs, a pacman like maze except with grass, Goombas, Coins and Mushrooms that shield Mario from those enemies. The goal of the game is simple, collect all the Coins appeared in the maze, from avoid the dangerous enemies and traps lurking upon its dungeon-ly ways, and go to the Warp Pipe to complete the level. But in which later on, there is more Mario goodies for causal players to handle nice and sweet. It's between more pipes explore, Boos actually disguised as regular but slow spinning Coins, or fast ones, different Goomba species, a thief Koopa and much much more to blow your world upside down!

The game kinda tends to have some collision problems since the player controlling Mario feels like paper, sometimes ignoring the Coins they want to desire in which to hence at collecting. Also, it can kinda have some control problems, similar to the last problem, but alas; the game is made by a simple to produce games is Game Maker, this program is only for beginner programmers who want to design some simple games instead of complex games the world has made into the shelves of the today.

The game is created by gamelover110, and ah! Another MFGG member! And oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you incase you ignored the Affiliates section in the main page, we; the wiki is affilated with MFGG alright. More affiliations, more connections, more hits, and more... anything that makes this wiki grow and grow wackifingly pacing fast! So... if you want some Pacman fused with some Mario... er, -Os, making it a largely good game for all of us to want a nice little break, WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA to MFGG which means click here for some fun! XP

Man! That was tight! That game rocked itself to the wall, hmmmmm... I hope that girl arrives. (meanwhile)

(both of them are walking in the halls of Ryan's Mansion)
???: Now you’re just jealous because Ryan got a female dragon to be with like me!
Blitzwing: This is just too much! OK? He likes you, maybe too much...
???: ... Now you’re just creeping me out, I'd put my claw near to your throat and slice it revealing your insides of your longing neck. Blitzwing: ._. (gulp)
???: Thank you, your quiet as the way I should. (makes a dragon smile)
Blitzwing: (mutters) I can't believe that I'd been ordered by a weak female... ._.
???: What the heck did you just say?! (screeching roar)
Blitzwing: (in surprise) Er, I mean a strong dragon! Er, yes; that's it.
(both of them entered the room Ryan is, is revealed to be Hooktail)
???: Hi Ryan!
Ryan: Hi you beast, you ready Hooktail?
Hooktail: Hold on...
Blitzwing: Let's get over with it...
Ryan: To you, yes the reader. Oh god, I broke the fouth wall. XP Hooktail is the one who's gonna be part of my section for a couple of times... if she feels like it. If you didn't know this, you should read the last issue I wrote about this.
(Hooktail looks ready with her nice beautiful looks)
Hooktail: I'm ready... ^^
Ryan: Let's go!!!

Hooktail's Section:
Super Mario Fusion: The New Fortress of Traps Video

Thanks Ryan! Hmmmm, how should I put this... (spits out the video box)


Ah, there it goes, into this... wiki page. I talked to the guests and fans about this video that time, they were so frightened of me still alive! Geeze! I even have to force them to talk it out before I even devour them mercifully! (rolls dragon eyes) This video's about some fan game called Super Mario Fusion and stuff. They mentioned it's still a beta, to me it looks real good! They even said that it would be the best "PC" game of the year ...hey! How would a PC game have some Mario in it? (RAP whispers to her ear for a moment, then goes away) Ohhh, fan games; just like what Ryan reviewed apart from the last reviews he made about them from MFGG, or something like that...

What's good about this level you say morsel? I'd heard those fans say that this level specially features an automatic scrolling function so Mario has to forcefully haste fast from being left out ...or worse, crushed! And that's what I want him to be when he's dead over this. That fortress had lots and lots of freaking traps in there! There's Fire Bars, Roto-Discs, Bullet Bill blasters, Converter belts, and enemies acting as mere obstacles for the Mario word itself! Man I want my castle to have all of this, at least now I'm in Ryan's Mansion. Look at Mario running... with a bunch of powerups?! Didn't know that, I better start looking over the articles these shortlives made.

...Man, Mario is that good, He’s really good with his jumping. Jump, jump, jumping! Into the skies, from platforms, onto enemies! I don't want him slaying me again, or else. I'd give a fist out of him, or stomp him with my claws! Anyway, if you watched this video and seriously like it, I recommend getting the game in the current beta version... here? Errrr, where’s the link? Oh yeah, there it is, here without the music pack and here with the MUSIC PACK, I recommend this!

Ryan: Oh phew, finally! Great job!
Hooktail: Thanks. Blitzwing, watch it... about this thing around here you believe in.
Blitzwing: What's that supposed to mean? :|
Ryan: Never mind that. So Hooktail, did you actually ate some of the people that you met or it's some gimmick you made up?
Hooktail: Er, I actually ate some of them. A quick meal will do, even if I have to terrorize 'em.
Blitzwing: Blah blah blah blah this, I think I'm gonna go. You two, errr, (looks at both Ryan and Hooktail's appearances) reptiles are in good hands. I just don't want this "unusal situation" happen in older ones. K?
[Both Ryan and Hooktail] Ryan: Well duh. Hooktail: Just watch it.
Blitzwing: Going, bye. (leaves)
Hooktail: Alone time with him in this castle, er, mansion, oh whatever.
Ryan: I gotta do my secret private project, it's been over a week.
Hooktail: Heh K, I'll just read some articles so I can know how to defeat that Mario...
(Ryan does his project while Hooktail reads some articles)