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Damn that Henry Tucayo Clay (talk), going away on holidays and leaving me with his dirty work! I guess it partially makes up for bailing out of my writing duties for Dippy's Matilda, but still, I have homework to do. Anyway, last month had only three Main Team sections, which suggests we seriously need more people on this team ASAP. Even the voter turnout was significantly lower than it should've been, and that's just no good. Please support your local staff members by giving us your writing!

Oh yeah and the winner for the April Main Section of the Month was Superchao (talk) again for his Interview section, this time roasting one of the site's most beloved user and the unquestioned master of the Wiki forums, MST3K (talk). Congrats on yet another victory, mate, and… yeah, my job here is done. Cheers, mates!

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