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by Superchao (talk)

This month, I'm interviewing someone a tad less active but no less cool: MST3K! As a forum mod, he's been pretty cool, never going overboard with regulation but always keeping things in check. (I'm contractually obligated to vouch for my coworkers) But he's just pretty chill in general, and very open about his interests - not many people have a username that literally is their favorite TV show.

Okay yeah enough of that. On with the interview!


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! It's nice to see you back and reading this again! Even if I can't actually see you...
Superchao: This month, I'm interviewing forum mod and all around cooldude, MST3K.
MST3K: Is that my queue?
MST3K: Oh hi.
Superchao: Yes, it is. why does no one seem to realize that
Superchao: Anyhow, since we seem to be unable to get anywhere without questions...
Superchao: How did you find the MarioWiki in the first place?
MST3K: Well, it's been a while, but I remember trying to find some information on Paper Mario 2, I think it was, on Wikipedia. One of the external links was to here, and here I sit.
Superchao: The real question is, do you remember what information?
MST3K: Nothing in particular, I had a bit of free time that afternoon and was just searching up games I owned.
MST3K: Being laid off does that to you.
Superchao: Oof, well. At least you got here, didn't you.
MST3K: At least.
Superchao: Did you make any early friends here?
MST3K: Well, people like Stooben, Shyguy27, and ChaosNinji were pretty cool to me early on. Nowadays I try to get along with everyone.
MST3K: 'specially you <3
Superchao: d'awww thanks
MST3K: you're welcome
Superchao: So what drew you to the forum? After all, these days you're quite obviously more active over there than at the wiki.
MST3K: A previous message board I posted at went under, iirc, and I needed to lay down some roots somewhere else.
Superchao: I see. Sounds pretty disorientating!
MST3K: It was, especially considering it was a South Park fansite.
MST3K: of all things
Superchao: That is not what I was expecting.
Superchao: Why make the jump, instead of say, finding a similar forum? In terms of target age range and such.
MST3K: You know, I'm not sure. Because I was currently playing back through some of my older Mario games, I guess.
Superchao: Well, that's an understandable reason.
Superchao: The question is, why'd you stick around? i.e. actually post a lot and such.
MST3K: Because I liked the community and the wiki itself is just fun to mess around with.
Superchao: your last edit was last july and then your second-to-last edit is a year before that
Superchao sideeyes
MST3K: quit stalking me :P
MST3K: But seriously, a lot of the information on the wiki is correct already, I find.
MST3K: The staff here does a good job.
Superchao: Yeah, I understand. Same reason I barely edit anything these days.
Superchao: Actually, on the note of contributions, whatever happened to Ask '3K anyway? Too little time?
MST3K: Pretty much. I have a lot of.... familial issues going on right now and I try to help them out as much as I can.
MST3K: I make Guile proud by being a family man.
Superchao: Did you become one after he told you to go home?
MST3K: Yes.
Superchao: Well, hopefully you'll be able to get everything patched up sometime. It was a good section.
MST3K: Thanks.
Superchao: Now, turning to the forum again.
Superchao: You are quite obviously a mod there. When and why did that happen?
MST3K: Around 3 years ago back when we had individual mods for most of the boards,the staff thought I'd be a good fit for the Marioverse board when the previous mod stepped down.
Superchao: That system's been gone for quite a long time, hasn't it? I don't remember it being around when I came back in mid-2010.
MST3K: It has.
MST3K: I prefer it this way.
Superchao: Why'd we get rid of it, anyway?
Superchao: And how'd you go from there to being a G-Mod?
MST3K: For streamlining purposes, I assume. Giving all the mods equal jurisdiction over all the boards makes everything easier.
MST3K: And I really don't have an answer for the second one, but I reckon it had something to do with the system change.
Superchao: I can see that, they probably thought you were good enough to keep after dumping most local mods.
Superchao: I can also see why, you're good at this mod business. And I'm qualified to judge! :V
MST3K: Aw, thanks, *blush*
MST3K: You're good at it too. :]
Superchao brofists
Superchao: thanks dude
MST3K: sure thing
Superchao: Might as well move onto your favorite Mario game! After all, you told me that's what brought you here.
Superchao: is it PM2
MST3K: Actually no, it's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
MST3K: PM2 is up there, though.
Superchao: What attracts you to it?
Superchao: It is a really good game, though. Even if certain levels are practically impossible to 100-point.
Superchao: (looking at you, Poochy Ain't Stupid)
MST3K: Lesse here, the level design is great; challenging, but not impossible, the music is great (the underground and Baby Bowser themes stand out in particular), and the visuals are really good.
Superchao: Challenging but not impossible, he says
Superchao: It won't take you years to finish it, he says
MST3K: yes i says
Superchao: Other than that, I pretty much feel the same! Although you left out the fortress and X-8 boss themes; those are really great too.
MST3K: Let's just agree that the whole thing's great.
Superchao: Yes, I can agree with that statement.
Superchao: Out of curiosity, how many stars do you have?
Superchao: i.e. the "1000 points on a world" ones.
MST3K: It's been a while, but I think I've gotten stars on the first 3 worlds and a few here and there on the later worlds.
Superchao: I only have stars for worlds 2 and 4. I feel inadaquate.
MST3K: Don't.
Superchao: Well ok.
Superchao: What about PM2? What do you like about that one?
MST3K: Because it takes everything that makes the first Paper Mario good and makes it better. Especially the fact that the prologue doesn't drag out forever.
Superchao: Yeah, I never quite liked how... long PM took to get started.
MST3K: Also the Bowser parts are great.
Superchao: They are.
Superchao: businessman of legend
MST3K: totes
Superchao: Now that I've asked you about Mario, it's time for the part I'm sure at least two people have been looking forward to.
Superchao: Let's ask you about non-mario games and series you like! Of which there are most definitely a lot.
Superchao: Howzatabout I start by asking you what draws /you/ to Metroid?
MST3K: Oh, lots of things. Let's pretend Other M never happened here.
MST3K: Samus herself is easily Nintendo's best character, the universe is the most fleshed out of any of their franchises complete with non-confusing continuity, the atmosphere is amazing, so is the music and gameplay. Exploring the worlds is a lot of fun.
MST3K: (and ridley ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
Superchao: I have to say I agree with you there. Even though I've only played the Primes (and even then only completed 1 and 2) and Metroid II, they were all interesting, actually had to stuff to explore, and with the Primes had really great music and visuals.
Superchao: Also I especially agree about pretending Other M never happened. At least the RP was good.
Superchao: i authorize the use of DEATH
Superchao: That reminds me I should watch the Let's Plays of the Primes... ANYWAY.
MST3K: Anyway.
Superchao: The reason why you hate Other M's story is obvious. What's your take on the gameplay? Is it also awful?
MST3K: Not completely. It would've benefited from nunchuck support, for sure. Also the "charge up the beam and blast the critter point blank in the face" moves were kinda cool.
Superchao: Honestly, from what I've read, the "inability to move in required first person" part sounds the worst.
MST3K: Yeah that sucks too. The first person pixel hunts suck too.
Superchao: oh god the pixel hunts
Superchao: i've seen them and they look terrible
Superchao: But the third-person perspective sounds a bit odd in general. That might be just bias because most of my metroid experience has been first-person, though.
MST3K: Moving around in a 3-D space with a d-pad is not the best design choice in the world.
Superchao: ...On the subject of better metroid games! What's your opinion on Primes 1 & 2? (aka the only metroids I've spent a lot of time on)
MST3K: Prime 1 is probably my favorite game ever. Retro did a great job bringing the franchise back from the dead, so to speak. They nailed the... everything in that game.
MST3K: Prime 2 is good, but the beam ammo bothers me probably more than it should.
Superchao: Honestly, I prefer Prime 2 for some reason. The constrast between the light and dark world is a big part of that, as well as Sanctuary. (also Luminoth Temple Grounds has an amazing theme)
Superchao: Prime 1 is A+ too though and was probably the best introduction to Metroid I could have gotten.
Superchao: Besides Prime 1, are there any other Metroids you really recommend?
MST3K: The original and Metroid II are very much acquired tastes so maybe not those. Especially not Other M. I'd go with Fusion for first-timers because it's hard to get lost in that one.
MST3K: Super is deserving of all the praise it gets.
Superchao: Alright, thanks. Hopefully someone else tries out the series and likes it.
MST3K: Me too.
Superchao: Unfortuntely I think we'd better at least change games, otherwise Tucky is going to make me title this "A Special Section About Metroid".
Superchao: So! Obviously, another series you're a huge fan of is Mega Man. (especially Proto Man)
Superchao: What do you like there?
MST3K: Oh goodness everything. Good characters, some of the best chiptune music you'll ever hear, super tight controls, good level design, the Robot Masters range from fun and quirky to incredibly awesome, and the powers are fun to use.
Superchao: Well, I can agree with you about the Robot Masters and the music.
Superchao: Can't really talk as much about this one unfortunately. I've tried a few Megaman-equse games and they were 2hard4me.
MST3K: try harder >:[
Superchao: i'm trying as hard as i can
Superchao: but i guess i'll try again. later, of course!
Superchao: I guess I'll ask you for recommendations anyway!
MST3K: 3 is the easiest, try that.
MST3K: Also MMX 1-5 are great too.
Superchao: Alright, I'll take your advice.
Superchao: SUDDENLY
Superchao: let's talk F-Zero
Superchao: and the lack of new F-Zero games
MST3K: :[
Superchao: So what draws you to F-Zero?
MST3K: This is something I don't have much of an answer for. It's just fun. And I really like the fact that it's more skill-based than, say, Mario Kart.
Superchao: Mario Kart more like Item Box Kart
MST3K: ur rite
Superchao: Ah, well. Unlike Mega Man I've never even tried it unfortunately.
Superchao: Not much for racing game; I have a Nascar game and a Mario Kart and that's about it.
MST3K: X and GX are great, the SNES and GBA titles are acquired tastes.
Superchao: I'll take your word for it, then!
Superchao: Perhaps we should move onto something I have actually played. That might help.
MST3K: Sounds good.
Superchao: So how about FIRE EMBLEM
MST3K: Good Lord, Awakening is so great.
Superchao: This man speaks truth.
Superchao: What about other Fire Emblems?
MST3K: Well I got into it when Sacred Stones hit the 3DS Ambassador Program. Since then, I've played Path of Radiance and Awakening.
MST3K: Trying to get my hands on as many games as I can.
Superchao: From the Let's Plays I've read, you should totes go for Blazing Sword.
MST3K: Will do.
Superchao: Anyhow, mind saying why you like the series? I can guess, but it's nice to confirm one way or or the other.
MST3K: I like the whole medieval fantasy setting going on, I'm kind of a nerd for that. I like getting to know all the characters and watching them interact; makes it suck that much more if one of them dies.
MST3K: The tactical aspect is pulled off really well and it really makes you plan ahead. I enjoy that. Music's generally pretty good, too.
Superchao: And then you let maribelle die >:(
Superchao: But yeah, I can agree with most of those. Tactical aspect is good, and getting to know the characters really helps.
Superchao: Even though all of my non-Awakening experience has been through reading LPs instead of playing.
Superchao: So I'm assuming Awakening is your favorite so far?
MST3K: Totally. It's like a "best of" of all the games so far.
MST3K: i ship vaike x miriel otp
Superchao: i paired vaike with lissa actually
MST3K: It brings out everyone's inner shipper.
Superchao: It does, doesn't it.
MST3K: Yeah, and I hate shipping.
Superchao: So now that I've covered the series you talk about a lot...
Superchao: Are there any others you're a big fan of?
MST3K: Well I don't have much time for gaming anymore, but I like stuff like Kirby and fighters like Soul Calibur and Tekken.
Superchao: Seems like a bit of a constrast there.
Superchao: Not that that's a bad thing.
MST3K: Variety is the spice of life.
Superchao: If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about your interests outside of video games.
Superchao: We have been talking about them for like half this interview, after all.
MST3K: Okay.
Superchao: Well, obviously, you like Mystery Science Theater 3000.
MST3K: Yes, best show ever.
Superchao: So therefore, I am obliged to ask
Superchao: Mike or Joel?
MST3K: I think I might have to go with Mike.
Superchao: Any particular reason?
MST3K: I can't really think of one; just that a lot of my favorite episodes were Mike episodes.
Superchao: Makes sense to me.
MST3K: 'specially Space Mutiny.
Superchao: Is that the one with Blast Hardcore or whatever?
Superchao: I'm sure that will make sense when I watch it.
MST3K: Yes.
Superchao: Out of curiosity, MST3K, what would you say the bestworst (so bad it's good) and just plain worst movies you've seen on MST3K were?
Superchao: Movies, not episodes.
Superchao: Though you can mention your favorite and least favorite episodes if you want.
MST3K: Manos, of course. That's definitely so bad, it's good.
MST3K: The Slime People was really geniunely bad. The whole thing is in a fog and you can't really see what's going on half of the time.
MST3K: King Dinosaur deserves a mention because the dinosaur in question is just an iguana.
Superchao: I'm sure that fact did not go unnoticed.
MST3K: It didn't.
Superchao: I know you like Retsupurae too, so I've gotta ask.
Superchao: What about the format of "snarky quipping on things of low quality" appeals to you so much?
MST3K: Some stuff just deserves it. Blunt, but it's true.
MST3K: Looking at you, Darkseed.
Superchao: camcorder lps that only show half the screen
MST3K: terribad flash games
Superchao: Besides Darkseed, do you have any RP recommendations for our Viewers At Home?
MST3K: There's one that's simply called "Kirby" that has a spastic fella playing Kirby SuperStar and saying that Whellie is "GUH-REEEESED LIGHTNIN'" while getting all giddy at the hotdogs on the fourth Dyna Blade stage.
Superchao: I legitimately can't even read that without laughing at the idea
Superchao: I definitely need to watch that.
MST3K: Yes.
Superchao: Now, on another TV show note. Obviously, you're a brony. Why do you enjoy the show?
Superchao: and why is rainbow dash your favorite character
MST3K: This is one of those things that I can't really put my finger on why I like it, I just.... kinda do.
MST3K: Same with Dash.
Superchao: Alright. Well, at least you answered!
Superchao: Let's ask about one more medium, shall we? marvel comics and DOCTOR DOOM
Superchao: what do you like there
MST3K: Doom is hands-down my favorite character in all of fiction. There was the whole storyline with him going down to Hell to save his mother's damned soul and that was pretty awesome.
MST3K: There's the whole "ruler of a whole nation so he has diplomatic immunity" thing going on, and the fact that he sees himself above concepts like good and evil and wants to rule the world because he believes humanity will unite and flourish and survive under his rule.
MST3K: (kinda like walhart)
Superchao: I see! He does sound quite exciting when you put it that way.
Superchao: also what about squirrel girl
MST3K: but I do accept that it happened and I guess it is kinda funny.
Superchao: It kind of is. :V
Superchao: Right, well. Next question. Might as well ask the traditional one.
Superchao: Is this the last question?
MST3K: Only if you want it to be.
Superchao: Well, I do want it to be!
Superchao: because i ran out of other questions.
MST3K: Alright then.
Superchao: Thanks for being here even though it turned out to be mostly "chat about your interests".
MST3K: No problemo. Hope I wasn't too boring.


What can I say? A lot, actually, but I've already said it in the interview. If you didn't read it, why are you reading the conclusion? The point is Threekay is a cool bro and the kind of guy anyone can get along with, so you should try to talk with him if you get the chance.

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