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Director's Notes

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Thanks to Master Crash (talk) for the logo!

Welcome to the Special Holiday Issue 2012, everybody! We have a lot in store today!

As of the time that this has been posted, we are having a chat party in #mwshroom (applet · Mibbit)! The schedule for the release of this issue is below. Please be sure to read all of the sections that our regular writers and our guests contributed! Also be sure to check out our new 'Shroom Achievements program, and congratulate those that have won an End-of-the-Year Award!

Also, if you like Team Fortress 2, please be sure to check out Groden (talk)'s TF2 Christmas Community Event! The tournament will start at 5 PM EST today (December 22nd, 2012). Be sure to read the article for more information.

Be sure to go check out the Director Election article as well in case you are interested in choosing who will run The 'Shroom for the next year! Check below the chat schedule below as well for some information that I shared last month and decided to share again this month.

Thanks for coming, and enjoy the rest of the issue!

Time (EST) Section
12:00:00 PM Director's Notes
12:05:00 PM Scavenger Hunt
12:10:00 PM TF2 Christmas Community Event (Special Section)
12:15:00 PM Fading Into Obscurity
12:20:00 PM Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner
12:25:00 PM Brawl Tactics
12:30:00 PM Character Comparison
12:35:00 PM Interview
12:40:00 PM Retro Feature
12:45:00 PM Critic Corner
12:50:00 PM Pipe Plaza
12:55:00 PM Music & Artwork
01:00:00 PM Fun Stuff
01:05:00 PM Fake News
01:10:00 PM
01:15:00 PM
01:20:00 PM
01:25:00 PM
01:30:00 PM Section of the Month
01:35:00 PM
01:40:00 PM
01:45:00 PM
01:50:00 PM
01:55:00 PM
02:00:00 PM Special Section
02:05:00 PM Special Section
02:10:00 PM Special Section
02:15:00 PM Special Section
02:20:00 PM Special Section
02:25:00 PM Special Section
02:30:00 PM Special Section
02:35:00 PM Special Section
02:40:00 PM Special Section
02:45:00 PM
02:50:00 PM
02:55:00 PM
03:00:00 PM 'Shroom Achievements
03:05:00 PM
03:10:00 PM
03:15:00 PM
03:20:00 PM
03:25:00 PM
03:30:00 PM End-of-the-Year Awards
03:35:00 PM
03:40:00 PM
03:45:00 PM
03:50:00 PM
03:55:00 PM
04:00:00 PM Director Election

Flashback to Last Month

The annual Director Election is up this month! For those who may not know, the individual that holds the position of Director of The 'Shroom is elected every December— candidates file their campaigns on the election article, attend sessions in which the candidates discuss their plans with each other and the voters, and the person with the most votes at the time that the January issue is released wins! If you are considering running for the position, you should probably start preparing your campaign, arrange to have a runningmate should you opt to do so, and coming up with plans that you want to implement in the following year. The election will run from December 22nd, 2012 through January 19th, 2013. Directorial Addresses should also be prepared for the January issue in the case that you are the winning candidate.

Also, I would like to announce that there have been new policies that Porplemontage (talk) is planning on implementing on The 'Shroom. It will affect certain long pages and will require for there to be some changes. To quote Porplemontage himself:

One thing we're beginning to crackdown on is super-long pages. It's why this policy was created for the main namespace, and changes need to be applied to the long issue pages of The 'Shroom.

To quickly solve this, I would take the contents of The 'Shroom:Main Page and make that how the issue pages are handled— linking to each individual section. If you guys want to do some restructuring/combining to end-up with less pages, that's fine. To give you an idea when combining pages, you probably don't want the result to be longer than The 'Shroom:Issue LXVI/Critic Corner.


The 'Shroom:Issue ???? - How the Shroom main page is now.
The 'Shroom:Main Page - Could use something more-distinct from the issue pages, but otherwise: {{The 'Shroom:Issue {{The 'Shroom:ShroomIssue}}}}
The 'Shroom:Single - Gone/redirect to Shroom main page.

The changes do not have to be exactly along those lines, but the main point is that changes need to be made with the Single Page and the Issue Pages in order to comply with the policy. And after discussing it with him, the Core Staff has determined a timetable for implementation that will allow for the candidates in the Director Election to propose their own ideas on this topic! The timetable for the implementation of this new policy is as follows:

  • December 22nd, 2012 - January 19th, 2013: Director Election candidates should come up with a plan for the Issue Pages and Single Page that fits in with the new policy,
  • January 19th, 2013 - April 2013 Issue: The candidate that wins the Director title should work with their staff to plan the changes in question and come up with a plan to implement them,
  • April 2013 Issue: The new designs and plans must be implemented, or the default plan that Porplemontage proposed will be implemented.

That said, should you plan to be a candidate in the Director Election, be sure to think of what you will propose to do with the Issue Pages. It is a very important topic that will likely generate a good amount of interest from the voters this year.

And that is all I have to say this time around. Please check back on January 19th, 2013 for the next issue! Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)