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'Shroom Achievements

Hello, members of The 'Shroom! You must be wondering, "what's all of this about?" To explain, the idea of 'Shroom Achievements was presented as a potential partnership between The 'Shroom and the Awards Committee as a sort of way to draw attention to both projects. If a 'Shroom writer manages to unlock some sort of achievement– boom!– you not only get the achievement unlocked, but you make tokens as well. Currently, the negotiations for this idea have not been completed, so in order to transition into it, the Core Staff will hand out so-called "'Shroom Tokens" for every achievement unlocked. Once an exchange rate is agreed upon by both the Core Staff and the Awards Committee, 'Shroom writers will be able to exchange these tokens for Awards tokens.

As a note, tokens will only be handed out to current writers automatically. In order for retired writers to collect tokens, they must contact the Director and make arrangements for the transaction. The only achievement for which tokens may not be collected retroactively by certain retired writers is the "Send a Section on Time" (only writers that have written from January 2012 and/or onward may collect these tokens).

There are currently two classifications for 'Shroom Achievements: "Multi-obtainable Achievements" and "Once-off Achievements." The former, as the name implies, can be unlocked multiple times due to the nature of the achievements within the category (in example: you can unlock "Send a Section on Time" as many times as you send a section in on time). The latter can only ever be unlocked once (in example: you can only ever join The 'Shroom for the first time, well, once– therefore, you can only ever unlock that achievement once).

And without further adieu, here are the categories and the achievements.

Multi-obtainable Achievements

Description Tokens
Send a Section on Time 1
Win Section of the Month 2
Every Ten Submissions (Total) 1
Win an End-of-Year Award (Diamond) 5
Win an End-of-Year Award (Gold) 2

Once-off Achievements

Description Tokens
Welcome to the Team 1