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Entertainment Section

by SKmarioman (talk)

Hey guys it's SKmarioman. Since it's my fifth time writing for The 'Shroom, I'm going to talk about another bunch of Mario parodies. This time, it's Mario's Restaurant and Luigi's Castle Calamity by JosephAS1!

Mario's Restaurant

Newgrounds description: Like Italian Food?... Mario can seal you everything you need!... Like a Pizza Pie!

Don't be fooled by his smile...

In Mario's Restaurant, Mario opens an Italian restraunt. Luigi comes by, and asks him what he wants. "We have-a Pizza Pie, spaghetti, meat-a balls, pasta dishanno, light linguini and-a ravioli!"

Luigi demands a burger instead, but Mario refuses, since he doesn't have any. Luigi gets frustrated, and demands again. "I WANT A BURGER!". Mario yet again refuses, but Luigi gets out a rifle and says "WELL YOU CAN GO TO HELL, MARIO!" and kills him.

The end...

Then a Toad comes along and yells out "Burgers!". Luigi, still holding the rifle, says "I want to buy a pizza pie!". The Toad refuses, since he doesn't have any pizza pies. Luigi goes crazy again and shoots the Toad. Another Toad comes along with box that says 'Tacos' on it, but before offering he runs screaming away.

Luigi's Castle Calamity

Newgrounds description: Luigi tries to do what Mario could not last time!

Seem familiar?

Now, some of you might have seen Mario's Castle Calamity by Bigfoot3290, but this time it's Luigi's turn to fail.

Now you all know about how after defeating a Koopaling in Super Mario World Mario uses a different way to destroy the castle. That's what Mario's Castle Calamity is a parody of. Luigi's Castle Calamity is a parody of Mario's Castle Calamity.

You idiot...

There are 13 funny outtakes in this animation, and some are really funny, like the one where a Chain Chomp chases Luigi away from the castle, or when Yoshi eats Luigi instead of the castle. Or how about the one where Luigi puts 20 sticks of dynamite on the base of the castle...

So in the end, Luigi is still unable to destroy the castle...

And so in this end, it's time for me to say "See ya next month!".