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Fun Section

by TheGreatBlockyBoo (Quiz), Tadaa!2.gifPlumber, (Riddles)Tadaaa!.gif Mario riding YoshiXzelionETC (Jokes)

Quiz: Bean Time!

1: Which of these colors is NOT a color of a Starbeans drink?
A: Purple
B: Pink
C: Dark Green
D: Light Brown

2: Which type of bean is found after battles?
A: Woo Bean
B: Hoo Bean
C: Chuckle Bean
D: Hee Bean

3: Which type of bean is found underground?
A: Woo Bean
B: Hoo Bean
C: Chuckle Bean
D: Hee Bean

4: Which type of bean is found in blocks?
A: Woo Bean
B: Hoo Bean
C: Chuckle Bean
D: Hee Bean

5: Which type of bean is won in minigames?
A: Woo Bean
B: Hoo Bean
C: Chuckle Bean
D: Hee Bean

6: Which of these bosses has no mustache?
A: Commander Shroob
B: Chief Chilly
C: King Whomp
D: King Bob-omb

7: Which of these has appeared in more than one game?
A: Elder Shrooboid
B: Mom Piranha
C: Petey Piranha
D: Trunkle

8: Which of these Boos is white?
A: Boo Chain
B: Dark Boo
C: Boo Man Bluff
D: Big Blue Boo

9: Which of these Boos was a boss?
A: Boo Chain
B: Dark Boo
C: Boo Man Bluff
D: Big Blue Boo

10: T/F: There are five Hyper Enemies, and all of them are Goomba or Cleft varieties.

When you're ready, click "show" to see answers! <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Answers: 1) C   2) A   3) C   4) B   5) D   6) C   7) C   8) A   9) D   10) True

Your Rating: 0-1: Three words. Play. The. Games.
2-4: You need to increase your Mario knowledge.
5-6: Hmm... Not bad, but not good either. You could very well use some improvement.
7-9: You really know a lot, but there are still a few things in which you lack knowlege.
10: You are a true Mario series fan. You pretty much need no work on your Mario knowledge.

Riddles of the Pipe

Riddle 1

I have three hands
And two feet
I know how to fly a plane
Very quickly
But if you want to see me
Without eating my dust
Go to the lobby
But I may need help
Getting out
So go against me
To make me get out

Riddle 2

This riddle isn’t for one,
Riddles like these are enuff for two
Just buy some of our quality gear!
We have rare kinds of trinkets
That you can wear
They increase your strength too,
So buy some of our great equipment!
But you better be quick, ‘cause our stuff changes constantly!
So be there!
Once our shop was closed,
Till, our mini-computer came back,
The person who did it got a great
0% Discount! ‘Cause they were first rate!
Uh-oh, looks like it’s time to go!
See you around!
We might be back one day!
We wandering merchants won’t forget you!
So right before we go away,
Buy something! (please)

Riddle #3

I am the great, spectacular prince of the nation!
But once was embarrassingly defeated
And turned into a monster.
A monster, I say!
But I was rescued
(in a very odd way)
Anyhoho, I helped saved my territory, but I can’t take all the credit
The main baddie was taken out by some foreigners
Who I lost a bet to
But, I finished off the baddie’s right-hand-man
And my good looks and charm are enough to please me!
My looks are enough to brighten your day!
And everything around you, too!

Ready? Click "show" to see answers! <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Riddle #1. T.T.   2. Rowf and Rhuff   3. Prince Peasley </hide></showhide>


Joke 1: One day Toadsworth was driving thru Shroom City, when his phone rang. He flipped opened the phone to hear the voice of Princess Peach. Peach said "Toadsworth...there's a concern on the news. A car is driving the wrong way! Please be careful." Toadsworth laughed, "Mistress Peach it's not one of them, it's hundreds of 'em!"
Joke 2: What do you call someone else's cheese? Notcha your cheese
Joke 3: What was the worst thunderstorm ever? Mayor Kroops' mouth...'cause it never stops!