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January Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


Things continue to roll on for this wiki, with a surge in new articles thanks to the remerging of DKWiki articles (more on that in news).
January Statistics
Statistic As of 11:45P, 31 December* As of 15:40P, 1 February* Total for January** % of Change**
Page Views 3,880,859 5,268,122 1,387,263 35.75%
Views per Edit 57.73 63.58 10.13%
Page Edits 67,219 82,862 15,643 23.27%
Edits per Page 5.73 5.79 1.05%
# of Articles 3,456 4,141 685 19.82%
# of Pages 11,738 14,301 2,563 21.84%
# of Files 3,859 4,610 751 19.46%
# of Users 746 912 166 22.25%
# of Sysops 10 10 0 0%
From December
Statistic As of 11:15P, 30 November* As of 15:40P, 1 February* Bimonthly Total** % of Change**
Page Views 2,869,440 Look Up! 2,398,682 83.59%
Views per Edit 50.02 27.11%
Page Edits 57,371 25,491 44.43%
Edits per Page 5.39 7.42%
# of Articles 3,230 911 28.20%
# of Pages 10,645 3,656 34.34%
# of Files 3,411 1,199 35.15%
# of Users 651 261 40.09%
# of Sysops 10 0 0%
*All times EST. **Oops...15 hours does show a little bit of heightened results, but still not that bad.

Next, here's what changed in the Top 10 for this month. Times are the same.
Top 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Previously... Main Page Characters Games Bowser Enemies Mario Peach Items Places Species
Views 198,471 66,216 42,532 25,429 24,857 24,841 23,410 19,893 16,448 16,281
After... Main Page Characters Games Enemies Bowser Mario Peach Items Places Species
Views 286,206 83,256 58,680 36,653 33,236 33,224 29,005 25,168 21,054 20,911

New ACTIVE Users

Now with 166 users this month, these ones check in often or sometimes:


The big news this month is the remerging of the DKWiki and sticking to one wiki for multiple series, including Mario, DK, Wario, Yoshi, Banjo, Conker, and Super Smash Bros. The Importance Policy should acquaint anyone what each of these series means to this wiki. We are still the Super Mario Wiki – nothing's changed. The result of this remerging was an increase in the number of articles and pages created in January, as shown above.

However, there is an issue with the upcoming game Diddy Kong Racing DS, which replace Banjo and Conker (their only tie to the Marioverse is through Diddy Kong Racing, the original) with Tiny and Dixie Kong. Since the storyline is the same as the original game, similar to the DS version of Super Mario 64, there is no way to tell which is more canonical until the game comes out on Tuesday February 5th. If the DS version is a sequel (separate story), then both are canonical. If not, however, whichever is determined more canonical by the community will decide whether the Banjo and Conker series stays.

The wiki's closing in on 5000 files uploaded and even 5000 articles. Those goals are expected to be reached this and next month respectively.

Thanks to the efforts of Knife (talk), we now are also affiliated with The Mushroom Kingdom and Mario Fan Games Galaxy (Kelt (talk) also helped for this affiliate) in addition to Super Mario Bros. HQ.

As a final note, I remind all of you about the MKDSummer Event. It's still many months away, but we never know about drop-outs early. We need 100%-certain players ASAP.