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Staff Notes

Written by: Shoey (talk) and Meta Knight (talk)

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Hello and welcome to Issue 206! It's no longer peak Hood weather; instead, it's now time for the air conditioning to be on! It's the only way to live! It's pretty cool that next month we're getting a Nintendo Direct. Although, considering that they're not talking about any titles for Switch 2, they probably won't announce anything too interesting. But we might get some neat ports and remakes to fill out the schedule until Switch 2.

Anyways, this month's issue is smaller then last month's, but what we may have lost in size, we did not lose in quality! This month we have two new sections! One is reoccurring and one a one-off. For our reoccurring section, LTQ's (talk) critically-acclaimed Anniversary Announcements are back! So head over to Pipe Plaza to see all the news on this year's Mario Awards! Our one-off is also connected to the awards! In a special one-off Critic Corner section, Waluigi Time, Hooded Pitohui, and Roserade have written the Hall of Shame, a review of all the winners of 2023's Fail Awards. While they're wrong about Hammer Bros. not deserving the Worst Enemy award (I played Mario 35, I know what I'm talking about), it's still a fun section!

Finally, we have some bad news! Our summer special, which was originally planned for a June release, is being pushed back to a July release. This is to ensure that our big project can be the best it can be. So with that, just keep in mind that Issue 208 in July will be Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door-themed and get excited for the big mystery project!

That's all I have for this month, so I'll now turn it over to my good friend and Sub-Director Meta Knight for some good old-fashioned 'Shroom plugs!

Shoey, Director

Shroom2024 MetaKnight.png

Hey there everyone and welcome to The 'Shroom! Shoey already gave all the major announcements, but I will reiterate the notion that we still want your Thousand-Year Door sections! In fact, if you send something to me I'll hold onto it for you to make sure it gets into the special July issue. If you send something to me the day after you read this then I'll be extra happy and express my utmost gratitude for your promptness.

Other than that, I want to highlight some of the features we have! We have plenty to offer from our regulars. A continuation of a walkthrough of a certain super-fighting robot's first adventure from Sparks (talk), another heartfelt illustration from winstein (talk), plenty of exciting stories in Fake News from the likes of Boo1268, Legend 8, and TheBlueCatMenace, fun puzzles, and many many more! Special thanks to all of our writers, you truly make The 'Shroom worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Strap yourself in and dive into Issue 206!

Meta Knight, Sub-Director; Statistics Manager

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