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Poochy's Picks

Written by: Poochy

Poochy's Picks
Poochy: ARF! ARF! (Another month another batch of favorites from my favorite newspaper!)

Poochy's Picks from Issue 205
Section Writer Comments
The Spectral Lens Boo1268 It's a ghost that talks about the Mario world's history and that's just cool.
Crossword MarioMorty (talk) This should be given special recognition because I love crosswords so much, it is challenging and fun at the same time. I have seen crosswords on newspapers before but MarioMorty's crossword is unmatched and quite fun to figure out the Mario-themed words. 10/10 stars, will recommend!
Hint Art ViableBunnyBudd It takes some thought to craft interesting visual hints that neither give away a location right away nor end up too hard to pin down, and ViableBunnyBudd is off to a good start. This a fun way of mixing Fun Stuff's usual puzzles with Super Mario games directly, and we're looking forward to seeing more of it!
Galactic Expedition Meta Knight (talk) Thorough, backed up by a useful video and excellent, instructive pictures, Meta Knight does everything right when it comes to building a boss battle guide. He's comprehensive, and the combination of his descriptions and the visual references ensures you won't be caught off-guard by any of Kraid's moves. Add to that a short bit of context and history at the start and some notes on sequence-breaking at the end, and Meta Knight has put together a great example of what to shoot for when writing a boss guide!
Game Corner Shoey (talk) Instead of making a fictional game, Shoey portrays Mario Clash as an in-universe game in a unique take on this section. It's fun to see a real game reimagined in this way, and adapting the awkwardness of the Virtual Boy into a more modern VR control scheme is clever.
'Shroom Quiz Hooded Pitohui (talk) A really fun idea for a section that makes a special treat for regular readers of The 'Shroom, and encourages readership of other sections. The questions and hints are also well designed so that anyone can complete the quiz even if they didn't read the issue, so it's not being gatekept.
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