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Awards 2015 Art Contest Results

by Hypnotoad (talk)

I know people are anxious for the results so instead of delaying them any longer with pointless fluff text, here they are!








Congratulations to Nysic, Turboo,! for placing 1st in each respective skill category!! I appreciate all of the participation in both artwork entered as well as the voter turnout!

I'm very happy with how this all came together, so I am expecting to host something pretty similar to this again for next year’s awards. Keep an eye out a few months from now for sign-ups to open.

Token amounts are based on a set amount for each place, plus your percentage rounded up to the nearest whole place. This was done to give each place a consistent backing but if two places are separated by just a vote or two then the person placing lower will get slightly more tokens as a result instead of getting bumped down due to a single vote.

Full Results and Tokens

Name Votes (62) Percentage Tokens
Nysic 17 27.42% 77
Freakworld 16 25.81% 66
NEXandGBX 15 24.19% 54
LN1 13 20.97% 41
Chibiki Daisy 1 1.61% 12
Name Votes (59) Percentage Tokens
Turboo 17 28.81% 104
Meta Knight 11 18.64% 79
Smg2daisy 11 18.64% 79
Neptune 7 11.86% 57
Fawfulthegreat64 4 6.78% 32
Lily 3 5.08% 25
Uniju 3 5.08% 25
Stargazing 2 3.39% 18
Cirdec 1 1.69% 12
Name Votes (63) Percentage Tokens
Anton 28 44.44% 144
Mr. Edo 18 28.57% 109
Toadbert101 9 14.29% 74
Walkazo 8 12.70% 63

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