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I'm unsure how / if I should go about editing this information into the page, but it seems that an official video was made for the Roy Orbison song "I Drove All Night" specifically for this White Knuckle Scorin' album. You can see various Mario imagery connected to the album within the video, as seen here:

Various cameos of the Mario characters from White Knuckle Scorin' in the official Roy Orbison video for "I Drove All Night"

The video itself can be found on the official Roy Orbison channel on youtube here:

It seems to have been shot and made in the early 1990s, starring Jason Priestly and Jennifer Conelly (Orbison was already deceased by the time White Knuckle Scorin' was released), with these cameo shots included. I think this video was created for the album.

Any staff thoughts on how/if this information should be added to the page would be appreciated. Thanks! Mitsukara (talk)

Nice find, I added it under "Trivia". Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 09:34, July 19, 2020 (EDT)