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Official name? -- Son of Suns

I've only heard it being refered as a Ray Gun in the NP guide.
I am Confused 17:48, 27 April 2007 (EDT)

Is this article even needed? They are never seen independent of various Shroobs themselves. We don't have articles for the flaming projectiles Autobombs shoot. -- Son of Suns

I don't think its needed... Great Gonzo

Doesn't Kylie Koopa use one once in the game? But I agree, with Son of Suns. -- Sir Grodus

Ah. Maybe....okay, it might be of some note. -- Son of Suns

Yeah but we have the Auto bomb its self. Its equivelent to the raygun since its used as a weapon. Plus we have an article on the UFOS so...-Pal101