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Where did this page's original name of "Power Throw" come from? I moved it to Mega Toss because a Spriteling in Greenhorn Forest specifically calls it that, making it an official name, while "Power Throw" had no source. Dark BonesSig.png 02:13, 20 August 2016 (EDT)

Power Throw[edit]

It looks like many of the walkthroughs over at GameFAQs use Power Throw as the name for the move. However, even the game manual itself, I found out, doesn't have a name for it. If the Spriteling really does call it Mega Toss, I would consider that to be canon. ZappySquiddy (talk)

View the above comment. "Mega Toss" was named directly by a Spriteling in Greenhorn Forest. As such, that becomes the official name. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 19:19, 12 March 2017 (EDT)

I know it is canon. My point is the source for the name "Power Throw" may have come from a source outside of Mario Wiki, so it was not made by a random user. If you really want to find the source, it may be harder to find. ZappySquiddy (talk)