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What the...[edit]

Well there's 2 strange things about this article: 1. Despite having categories, I've seen this on the Maintenence page, and 2. If you edit the article and look at the part where it has a list of the templates used on the page (Below the "Save Page" button.) It says random signatures are used... TWG (talk) HAI

Is it worthwhile trivia....[edit]

...that the former highest-ranked Melee player and MLG champion (and contestant on Survivor: Gabon) Ken Hoang uses Marth as his main character? – Kamek! at the disco 12:02, 13 October 2008 (EDT)

Main quote[edit]

Could someone give the main quote a translation? or maybe change it to a quote from fire emblem? L-ater! 00:27, 27 March 2011 (EDT)

There, I added the translation. Someone removed it when I added it the first time. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC

Top Image[edit]

I've noticed just now that the top image for Marth is his Brawl picture, and I also noticed that his SSB4 picture is included in the article. Should we change that now or wait until SSB4 comes out and switch them then? Watcher of Game (talk)

We should wait until Super Smash Bros. 4 comes out. 18:10, 19 November 2013 (EST)