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he seems more of a Princess Haru 0_o (wuz this wut the old page wuz like?)

Master Crash

Can we stop bringing this up? He's an androgynous male. End of story. -- Sir Grodus 23:22, 8 December 2007 (EST)

But he wears a pink dress!!! User: Georgedrake Z

I think he looks like a precursor to Prince Peasley. But that's probably just my imagination :)
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sleepiestsheep (talk). THAT is Peach's boyfriend ?....I'm not surprised Mario and Peach make a better couple ....But Haru is handsome!User:Pauline The ending of the Great mission to save Princess Peach is sad. I mean he is not in the video game and why would Nintendo even put that in?! User: Pauline


While I was studying Japanese, I found out what "Haru" means! Haru is Japanese for "Spring" (The Season), which might refer to the fact that he is prince of the Flower Kingdom. Should we put this in the article? Star.gif SuperMarioSuperFanPapermario.gif

PS: This is not just speculative information.