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Uh hey yo, I'm Georgedrake Z and I'm a Brit. I'm a big fan of Pokémon (I watched the anime when i was a little kid and +), so if anyone can suggest any Pokémon articles I can improve on I'll do it. I'm no Pkmn Master or anything but I know a lot about them for sure.

Oh yeah, I've added the FIRST EVER (?!) comment on the discussion on Poochy but it's a bit of a dumb comment I put on there so you shouldn't bother. Although it is kinda funny.

Added a Trivia section to the Mushroom King, King Toadstool. What I put there kinda makes Peach 1/4 Toad...whatever. She looks slightly blobby I guess. That's it! Peach is 1/4 Toad! And maybe Toadsworth and the Toad are related to her. Aw, I'm confusing myself

I think I might've discovered how to add pics...HALLELUJAH!!

No wait I haven't...thought I might be able to Paste stuff in this box. But i can only Paste script...SOMEONE PLEEEZ TELL ME HOW TO ADD PICTURES TO THIS THING BEFORE I EXPLOOOODE!!!

Added some dumb stuff to Goomba, Rayquaza and Ridley.

Oh yeah...Rayquaza vs Ridley! Now that is what i call CLASH OF THE TITANS!! Go Rayquaza!

Pleez don't suggest Rayquaza vs Darkrai anyomne. I say it'll be a draw.

Chick out this song

 We're all livin' in the
 Summer holidays
 Where the skys are
 Nice n' blue
 We're all sweatin' in the
 Summer holidays
 Like Mario on Isle Delfinooo!
 Doo doopdie doopdie doo
 Doo dooptie doopdie doo
 We're all livin' in the
 Summer holidays
 And we're all bruised
 Black and blue
 "Why be that in the
 Summer holidays???"
 "It's from being spanked by girls at school."
 Doo dooptie dooptie doo
 Doo dooptie dooptie doo
 Doo dooptie...doooooptie...doo.

OK, the song's kinda crap but it's cool. And go onto Goomba's discussion page for the neverending debate on the Force, lazy Goombas who get Kamek to bat for them in baseball, biblical vegetables with the Force and Olympic Goombas!! Hey, that sounded like a BattleOn advert. Look right and you'll see...

Also added some pointless crap to D-Man.

I did that Nintendo character quiz thing that was on Parayoshi's page and turned out as Link!! Not doing the other two though.File:LinkSmash.PNG.jpg

If people could show me some cool Smilies in my Discussion I'd be happy ¦B¬D

I think Waluigi and Wario should have a game like Link's Crossbow Training only it's The Wario Bros's Slingshot, Uzi and Longbow Training and it's in Diamond City instead of Hyrule. And Mona and Wario can snog in it. So can 9-Volt and Ashley.

Sum1 pleeez help me with adding pictures this page looks crap...Stumpers? Palkia47? Any1??? Pleezki!!

You can converse about any old crap in my Discussion if you want cos i get nothing in it. Just because i'm English. Hmmp. - The Georgedrake. Z.