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This should probably be placed in the Strollin' Stu article. They look exactly the same as the Stollin' Stus. You should note that one of the behaviours of the Strollin' Stu is to stack themselves up on their larger counterparts. -- Son of Suns

OK, delete the article, I'll do it! 3dejong

Merge to Strollin' Stu[edit]

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merge 4-0
So for unique English names, these just have a shaky guide source based off an internal name (itself referring to a Japanese dessert it resembles), with it doing the same for effectively every other enemy (even the ones with in-game names). As for Japanese, they are considered the exact same thing. Their different sizes are also irrelevant, as like I have brought up in past discussions, Strollin' Stus come in a variety of sizes. As for the behavior, Stus are also already given variance in that as well, such as the spattered ones being spawned ad infinitum in Road to the Big Windmill. Also, when they are knocked off, they act exactly like typical Strollin' Stus. This isn't really comparable to Shy Stack or Goomba Tower, as those are at least considered different by first-party materials.

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Deadline: October 13, 2021, 23:59 GMT


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