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Split into A, B, and C[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

split 7-0
There's no reason for these pages to be merged together; considering that Crystals was split two months ago, I think I'm seeing the exact same scenario. Plus, it's not like this page, if you remove the individual sections detailing the three expansion packs, provides enough information on its own to warrant an article. Therefore, I propose we split the expansion packs into separate articles, and keep this page as a disambiguator.

Proposer: Toadette the Achiever (talk)
Deadline: October 24, 2017, 23:59 GMT


  1. Toadette the Achiever (talk) Per proposal.
  2. Mario Kart DS Fan (talk) Per Toadette.
  3. Yoshi the SSM (talk) Per proposal.
  4. TheFlameChomp (talk) Per proposal.
  5. Mario jc (talk) Per all.
  6. Niiue (talk) Per all.
  7. Baby Luigi (talk) Per proposal.