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Did anyone notice that the Yoshi's Island Original Soundtrack Japanese cover features Orange Yoshi instead of Brown Yoshi? I'm pretty sure that there's never been artwork of Brown Yoshi, so do you think that the intention was for him to be considered the same as Orange Yoshi, but his appearance was just changed? Perhaps it's sort of like the King Boo situation (compare his appearances in Luigi's Mansion to Super Mario Sunshine) or the different appearances of Bowser in the games and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The reason I'm saying this is because Brown Yoshi has never appeared in another game... not even Yoshi's Story, really. Take a look at what we're say is a Brown Yoshi cameo:
It looks orange to me, but I have been known to have slightly odd color perception in regards to red v. orange and pink v. purple, so I'll let you guys confirm or deny. In any case, the fact that he has only appeared in one (I think...) game (and in that game he was portrayed as Orange in the official art) before what is obviously Orange Yoshi appeared in his place leads me to believe that we just have graphical differences between games. Thoughts? Stumpers! 19:20, 20 December 2007 (EST)


Sorry about the page looking terrible when I remade from the redirect page, I don't really know about the Yoshi's Island games too much and I using some of the information from the Orange Yoshi page. · SMB (Talk) ·

Merge into Orange Yoshi[edit]

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I'm fairly certain these pages were once one. Why this was undone is a mystery to me.

First of all, these "two" Yoshi are likely one in the same. In Japan, there is not always a significant difference between orange and brown. Brunette characters such as Mario and Wario have various artworks where their hair appears blatantly orange. And redhead characters like Daisy and Azalea are not easily recognized by their orange hair tones due to it sometimes appearing easy to overlook.

Aside from that example, Brown Yoshi has extremely few appearances. And while he does appear to be brown at times, I think it's clear it and the Orange Yoshi are one in the same. In Yoshi's Island, that's not even the supposed "Brown" Yoshi. It's an Orange Yoshi, and you can see how Orange the Yoshi is by looking at the CD cover for the game. I strongly believe these Yoshis are the same Orange Yoshi, it simply wasn't clearly establishable as an Orange Yoshi until later appearances. And I'm sure an appearance section could go over these development changes. It should also be pointed out these Yoshi have never even appeared in the same game, that's because they're the same Orange Yoshi.

[1] [2]

The colors switch around, but each color aside from Brown is still present, clearly showing these are probably the same Yoshi. They even added in another Yoshi to make sure all of the basic colors aside from the rarer white and black Yoshi were present.

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Merge Brown Yoshi to Orange Yoshi Article Making Just Orange Yoshi[edit]

  1. FD09 Per proposal.

Don't Merge[edit]

  1. KS3 (talk) Per all. After looking at the first one that proposed the merge, I will have to say the opposers of the first proposals have very good reasons why, so I will have to per them.
  2. Arend (talk) Per me in my proposal. By the way, I think the CD art is just different at all. On the CD, there was a cyan Yoshi peeking behind the green one. On the JP boxart, that Yoshi was purple (and so, the green yoshi was red). The pink Yoshi looking at right is on the box the actual cyan one, and the purple on the CD the pink on the Game box. The blue one has been recolored red, so another blue one could fit in. The only Yoshi that's not different at all is the Yellow one.
  3. Reversinator (talk) Per all.


Here is the proposal that made us split the article, and here is the one that made us merge them in the first place. Time Questions 06:30, 5 March 2010 (EST)

I'm perfectly fine with merging the two articles, but I'm hesitant because you might not include the fact that the Orange Yoshi did at one point look brown. Because it does look very brown in the game it's in. BLOC PARTIER. 17:34, 14 March 2010 (EDT)

Art Work[edit]

Dont you think that the group artwork for yoshi's island, brown yoshi looks kinda orange. idk what u guys think, but it definitly looks orange to me.--[User:16-Volt 20:50, 20 October 2011 (EDT)

Some or Many[edit]

There is a part like this in "appearance" section: ".....the prevalence of Orange Yoshis instead, many consider Brown Yoshi and Orange....." But that is making a generalisation which is totally wrong since bigger part of Mario Fans consider brown yoshis! So, it should be "some" instead of "many"
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