Nintendo Power issue 5

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“And now for the first time, we’re selling back issues of the world's best video game magazine - “Nintendo Power," of course. Find out how to order one or all of the back issues, and also how to get your hands on the newest, latest, greatest, insider tips book for Super Mario Bros. 2.”
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Nintendo Power issue 5
Nintendo Power - Issue 5.jpg
Publisher Nintendo of America
Release date March/April, 1989

Nintendo Power issue 5 is the fifth volume of Nintendo Power, released in March/April, 1989.

Trevor's clay Mario

On pages 6 and 7 in the Mail Box section, Ryan Maul writes that they have completed Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 with their friends. Trevor Moynihan made Mario, Mouser, Cobrat, and Pokey out of clay.

Page 19 mentions Super Mario Bros. 3 might be seen in a Chicago contest.

Page 84 jokingly refers to a game Mommy Kong (1989).

On the page 86, Super Mario-A-Thon is mentioned. Shalane McCall said that Super Mario Bros. is her favorite game, and that she has "learned how to play the game while participating in the Super Mario-a-Thon", and that she's looking forward for Super Mario Bros. 2.

On the next page, a picture of Mario and Luigi appears. The viewers are tasked with finding all the animals on the image. The image contains a lion, a pig, a squirrel, a bird, a snake, a crocodile, a seal, and a deer.

Cover art for the first issue reappears on the 95th page. An advertisement for How to Win at Super Mario Bros. (misspelled as How To Win At Super Mario Bros.) also appears on this page.

Vance E. Evans on pages 96 and 97 says that his son, Kelly, has a score of 9,999,950 in Super Mario Bros., and says that Super Mario Bros. 2 is next. Josh Zimmerman writes that he has completed Super Mario Bros. in two weeks, and hopes to buy Super Mario Bros. 2. David and Bradley Messmer also write that Super Mario Bros. took them two weeks to complete. Jeremy Hopkins says that he had saved Princess Peach without warping. Brian Michaels writes that he likes Super Mario Bros. 2, and that he has finished it in two days.

Page 103 compares Monster Party to a "cross between Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania".


Classified Information[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 makes an appearance in the Classified Information section on page 69. In explains shortcuts to Birdo in stages 1-1, 6-3, and 3-1.

Top 30[edit]

First place
  • 1st: Super Mario Bros. 2 (22534 points)
    "A solid lead for the second issue in a row. Number one and climbing higher all the time!"
    Players' picks: 1562 points
    Pros' picks: 3424 points
    Dealers' picks: 17548 points
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Players' picks: 501
    Pros' picks: 456
    Dealers' picks: N/A
  • Donkey Kong Classics
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: ?[citation needed]
  • Golf
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: ?[citation needed]
  • Pinball
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: ?[citation needed]

NES Trivia Test[edit]

On page 85, several Super Mario questions are featured. The answers (according to Nintendo Power) are highlighted:

1. How many Minus Worlds are contained in Super Mario Bros.?
A. Only one: at the end of 1-2. (Accept no substitutions.)
B. Twelve: in the middle of 4-6.
C. Four hundred and thirty-nine: at the beginning of World 83-14a.
D. Four minus worlds, three positive demensions,[sic] two neutral planes, . .[sic]and a partridge in a pear tree.
2. How does one get out of the “*&%(!!*”[sic] Minus World at the end of World 1-2?
A. With the Power-Up crowbar.
B. Find the magic scuba gear and warp out to 8-4.
C. Go through the warp pipe that leads to Hyrule where Mario will surface and help Link battle Gannon.
D. You don't. You are trapped. No one has ever found a way out. (If you do, send us a picture. We'd love to see it.)
10. How does one find the Rainbow World on Super Mario Bros.?
A. You don't. There is no such thing.
B. By looking through a prism.
C. By creating a fine mist in front of your video monitor and then shining a light through it.
D. Duck under the lava at the base of the Mother Brain's pedestal.
13. One of the very first videogames was called.
A. Super Wheel Bros.
B. Donkey Saur.
C. Og’s Punch-Out
D. Pong (or something like that).

Nintendo Power Ballot and Survey[edit]

Nintendo Power Ballot and Survey section on pages 89 to 90 asked readers to participate in the poll about the games. The list for questions K, L, and M had the following Super Mario games:

  • 92 - Super Mario Bros.
  • 93 - Super Mario Bros. 2

The Nominees Are...[edit]


The following Super Mario games were nominated on pages 91 and 92:

  • Best Theme, Fun
    Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Best Play Control
    Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Best Character
    Mario (Super Mario Bros. 2)
  • Best Ending
    Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Over All
    Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was nominated in 5 out of 8 categories.

NES Achievers[edit]

Super Mario Bros. scores

Only the top scores are listed:

  • Golf
    George Nunes (New Bedford), Brent Castleman (Minot) / -23, 49 (strokes)
  • Pinball
    Bob Quinn (Wallingford) / 999,900 (score)
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Multiple people / 9,999,950 (score)