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This article is about the item from Yoshi's New Island. For the rewards from Super Mario Maker, see Super Mario Maker § Medals.
A Medal

Medals are items found in Yoshi's New Island.

Medals can be received if the ball on the goal roulette stops on a Smiley Flower. The number of medals Yoshi will get depends on the number of flowers he collected when playing the level. Five medals is the maximum for a single level run, but the player can replay the level to get the level maximum of 30. 10 Medals give the player a 1-UP, 20 Medals give the player a 1-UP three times, and 30 Medals give the player a vehicle challenge, an extra level based on a transformation which Yoshi can complete to get extra lives.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴメダル
Tamago Medaru
Egg Medal