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Macho Grubba[edit]

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This is an archive of a successful unfeature article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.

Macho Grubba became unfeatured at 16:37, 12 June 2016.

Remove Featured Article Status[edit]

  1. Baby Luigi (talk) I have several problems with this article. Most noticeably, it's the size of the article. It barely passes the boundaries for a Featured Article size. When we feature articles, we should be 100% sure about its qualities about its status; this size is debatable, and therefore, not good enough to represent the best parts of MarioWiki. This also applies to other short featured articles too like Culex, where I may look to unfeaturing if this nomination passes. But that's not the only problem with this article. The article has padding (which boss article and, nonetheless a form, has a "physical description" paragraph, a "biography" section, and a "powers and abilities" section? it's too much details) and the table of moves is awkwardly implemented and once again, exclusive to this article in particular (for example, Cortez has none of those sections and it's fine right now aside from the poor writing). Honestly, if it weren't for the padding, the article would be about on par with Hooktail, Bonetail, the aforementioned Cortez, Smorg, etc in terms of length and that's not a good thing here.
  2. Time Turner (talk) Per BL and our comments on the forum. Furthermore, the intro is 90% padding as well, and a lot of the sentences are phrased in such a way as to allow the maximum number of words possible (aka too much flowery writing).
  3. AfternoonLight (talk) Per both on this case.
  4. Bazooka Mario (talk) Per all.
  5. LudwigVon (talk) - Per all.

Keep Featured Article Status[edit]

Removal of Support/Oppose Votes[edit]