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Ceremony: OVER

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1 What? Why?   2 Awards Committee   3 Presentations 4 Userpedia Awards and Game Tournaments   5 Fail Awards
6 'Shroom Awards   7 Expansion   8 Charity Event   9 Thanks!   10 Contact

What? Why?

The Super Mario Wiki was created on August 12th, 2005, 13:47 EDT. On August 12th, 2006, this wiki was off to a good start, but still there was only a small amount of active users. On Saturday August 11th, 2007 with a userbase finally forming, we celebrated our wiki's existence with an awards show on 30 of our favorite Mario topics, including favorite games, music, items, series, moments, enemies, and more.

In 2008, we expanded this magnificent event by including much of our userbase with Userpedia Awards I, and on August 8th, 2008, it turned out to be an even bigger success. 2009 saw our first Fail Awards and 2010 included the first 'Shroom Awards! And you've bet we've grown some more since then – we reached an astounding 9 digits in the page view count (100,000,000!) and increased that total number, accomplished in almost 3.5 years, by 10% in just two months (110,000,000 and rising!). We are also now past 11,000 articles! As such, the time has come again to plan another big event to celebrate the wiki – and hopefully bigger! Last year, we expanded this event even more by including a new category called "'Shroom Awards". These awards were a huge success as well, and brought the amount of awards we presented up to 50.

Awards Committee

  1. Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)
  2. Super Mario Bros. (talk)
  3. Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
  4. Smasher 101 (talk)
  5. Turboo (talk) (terminallyCapricious)
  6. Mas0n (talk) (Hacha Chacha)
  7. Toadbert101 (talk) (BEEEEEAAARRRS)
  8. Baby Mario Bloops (talk) (grimAuxiliatrix)
  9. New Super Mario (talk) (Olimar)
  10. SonicMario (talk) (Northern Verve)
  11. Marioguy1 (talk) (twinArmageddons)
  12. Twentytwofiftyseven (talk) (carcinoGeneticist)
  13. Lindsay151 (talk)
  14. Marcelagus (talk) (Caboose)
  15. RAP (talk)


Sign-ups for Award Presentations will open July 1st. Users will be allowed to present a maximum of four awards.

What are these presentations, you ask? Well, you get to reveal the results of the award you choose in some sort of digital medium, whether it is a written story (usually a narrative or an interview with a user or Mario series character), a comic, a picture or even a playable game or a combination of multiple forms. These can be serious or silly (though most people prefer the silly ones). Polls close on July 13, so users should receive their results in their inbox on the forums some time between then and the 16th. Presentation will be due August 5th. There are no exceptions. Do not sign up for a presentation if you are unsure if you can complete it. Doing so may result in a ban from creating presentations in future award shows. If something unexpected does come up, tell us as quickly as possible and we will be able to cover for you.

Who can sign up to present:
-Users with accounts on both the wiki and the forum that can complete their presentation within the roughly 2.5-week window

Who cannot sign up to present:
-Users without an account on the wiki or forum (you must have both)
-Users who are banned on either the wiki or the forums
-Users that have been banned from participating in Awards-related activities

Users that were previously banned but are not banned anymore will be accepted in some cases, but not all. This will be up to the discretion of the Awards Committee.

In case we didn't make it clear enough, you can add yourself to the list. There is no need to contact an AC member to sign up.

Awards Slots

A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) – MrConcreteDonkey (talk) (MrConcreteDonkey)
A2. Favorite Mario Generation – Chivi-chivik (talk) (Chivi-chivik)
A3. Favorite Mario Kart Game – Master Crash (talk) (Ser Espiel)
A4. Favorite Mario Platformer – Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Super Mario Bros.)
A5. Favorite Mario Kart Course – New Super Mario (talk) (Olimar)
A6. Favorite DK Game – Baby Mario Bloops (talk) (grimAuxiliatrix)
A7. Favorite Wario Game – Edofenrir (talk) (gallowsCalibrator)
A8. Favorite Yoshi Game – Count Bonsula (talk) (Doc Scratch)
A9. Series With Best Multiplayer Experience – Yoshiwaker (talk) (Yoshiwalker)
A10. Most Anticipated Upcoming Game – Baby Mario Bloops (talk) (grimAuxiliatrix)
A11. Favorite Major Character – MrConcreteDonkey (talk) (MrConcreteDonkey)
A12. Favorite Supporting Character – New Super Mario (talk) (Olimar)
A13. Favorite Galaxy – Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
A14. Favorite Enemy – Mas0n (talk) (Hacha Chacha)
A15. Hardest Boss – Count Bonsula (talk) (Doc Scratch)
A16. Favorite Power-Up – Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
A17. Favorite Mario Kart Item – SKmarioman (talk) (SKmarioman)
A18. Favorite Mario RPG – PyroGuy6 (talk) (Shocking)
A19. Favorite Mario Party Game – Baby Mario Bloops (talk) (grimAuxiliatrix)
A20. Favorite SSB Character – Hypnotoad (talk) (Hypnotoad)
A21. Favorite Retro Game – SonicMario (talk) (Northern Verve)
A22. Best Remake – Plumber (talk)
A23. Favorite Sports Game – Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)
A24. Most Innovative Concept/Game – Yoshiwaker (talk) (Yoshiwalker)
A25. Favorite Spin-Off Game – BaseballYoshi (talk) (BananaYoshi)
A26. Favorite PM Partner – PyroGuy6 (talk) (Shocking)
A27. Favorite Series – QuizmoManiac (talk) (420)
A28. Favorite Mini-boss – Edofenrir (talk) (gallowsCalibrator)
A29. Favorite Place – Master Crash (talk) (Ser Espiel)
A30. Favorite Game (Overall) – BaseballYoshi (talk) (BananaYoshi)

F1. Worst Character – Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)
F2. Worst Platformer – QuizmoManiac (talk) (420)
F3. Worst Item – Edofenrir (talk) (gallowsCalibrator)
F4. Worst PM Sidekick – Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)
F5. Worst Koopaling – Count Bonsula (talk) (Doc Scratch)
F6. Worst Spin-off – Chivi-chivik (talk) (Chivi-chivik)
F7. Worst Enemy – PyroGuy6 (talk) (Shocking)
F8. Worst Baby – MrConcreteDonkey (talk) (MrConcreteDonkey)
F9. Worst Other Medium – Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Super Mario Bros.)
F10. Worst Concept – Yoshiwaker (talk) (Yoshiwalker)
F11. Worst Galaxy – Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
F12. Worst Remake – Baby Mario Bloops (talk) (grimAuxiliatrix)
F13. Most Underwhelming Boss – Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
F14. Worst Location – QuizmoManiac (talk) (420)
F15. Worst Game (Overall) – Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)

U1. Favorite User Design – New Super Mario (talk) (Olimar)
U2. Favorite Artist – New Super Mario (talk) (Olimar)
U3. Favorite Retired User – Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Super Mario Bros.)
U4. Lifetime Achievement Award – Marioguy1 (talk) (twinArmageddons)
U5. Favorite User Creation – Smasher 101 (talk) (Smasher 101)

S1. Favorite Director – Plumber (talk)
S2. Favorite Sub-Director – ectoBiologist (talk) (arachnidsGrip)
S3. Favorite Sub-Team – PyroGuy6 (talk) (Shocking)
S4. Favorite Sub-Team Director – Yoshiwaker (talk)
S5. Favorite Event – QuizmoManiac (talk) (420)
S6. Favorite Veteran Writer – Count Bonsula (talk) (Doc Scratch)
S7. Favorite New Writer – MrConcreteDonkey (talk) (MrConcreteDonkey)
S8. Favorite Retro Issue – ectoBiologist (talk) (arachnidsGrip)
S9. Favorite Recent Issue – ectoBiologist (talk) (arachnidsGrip)
S10. Favorite Section – Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Super Mario Bros.)

Backup Scripts:

1. – Ralphfan (talk) (Brick Tamland)
2. – Gamefreak75 (talk) (apocalypseArisen)
3. – Edofenrir (talk) (gallowsCalibrator)
4. – Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Super Mario Bros.)
5. –

I tried to make myself as clear as possible on my intentions for user scripts, but sometimes I don't make myself clear enough – if you feel any confusion, contact me via user talk, forum PM, or chat, and I'll try to make to explain it more to you. Thanks, and enjoy!
Ralphfan (talk)

Userpedia Awards and Game Tournaments

The user-based wiki, Userpedia, will be celebrating its fourth awards ceremony this summer. We have chosen to once again include five Userpedia Awards.

Game tournaments was something that we hoped to materialize last year, particularly in Brawl, but it didn't pan out. But with each year, we grow, get more people, and do better...however...

We are including a Brawl tournament this year! Sign up here.

Fail Awards

In 2009, the Awards Committee decided to introduce a new category into the awards ceremony: Fail Awards. These awards are similar to the Mario Awards, in that they are based solely on the Mario (and relative) series. However, these awards pertain to the worst of the worst. (As the name implies.) Entries may include "Worst Game" or "Worst Character", for example. We have chosen to include 15 Fail Awards.

'Shroom Awards

Much discussion has been going on about the recognition of our local paper in the awards ceremony. We have chosen to include ten 'Shroom Awards.


Some AC members have been discussing expanding to include more Awards. We have added five Fail Awards and five 'Shroom Awards. There was also talk of expanding Userpedia, but said expansion was denied. We currently have 60 awards.

Charity Event

<chipin id="c0b7b4a3c9419dcb"/> The Awards Committee has decided to host a 29-day donation drive for Child's Play Charity, a non-profit organization that delivers games to sick children in hospitals. We do not have a goal, as this is our first time setting up an event like this, but all contributions are greatly appreciated.


A huge thank-you goes out to all the members of the Awards Committee for attending the meetings and deliberating on the forums. You guys did a great job this year and became more efficient as we went along. We hope to see you all again next year!

SPOILER: This doesn't mean your work is over. We still have things like award presentations and game tournaments to deal with (that is, if you want to include tournaments). The hard part is all done, though. Again, you guys were great.

Mario Awards on Twitter

You are free to bring up anything with us if you feel it appropriate. Suggestions to make the awards more interesting? Issues from last year that need to be resolved? Please, let us know.