Būro Pako Kurosu gattai

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Būro Pako Kurosu gattai
Būro Pako Kurosu gattai
Species Pig + Octopus + Crow
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 8 (1993)

Būro Pako Kurosu gattai (ブーロパコクロス合体, Būro-Octopus-Big Bird combination) is an original monster that only appears in Super Mario-kun Volume 8.

In the Casino, Mario is playing a rigged slot machine created by two Goombas at Wario's services. On his first try, he gets the icons of the bosses Būro (one of the Three Little Pigheads), Octopus, and Big Bird, generating an amalgamation of the three. The monster attacks Mario and Carrot and is defeated when one of the Goombas bumps into the slot machine, activating it and getting the coin jackpot; the machine then releases so many coins that they overwhelm and bury the monster.