400m Hurdles

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400m Hurdles
Appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Type Athletics, Track
Info Kick off from the starting blocks and complete a 400-meter race to the finish line, leaping across the hurdles positioned along your path.
Controls Shake Wiimote: Run
A Button: Sprint (at end)
Circuits Meteorite Circuit

400m Hurdles is an Athletics (Track) event in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games consisting of a 400-meter race with ten hurdles. The goal of the event is to cross the finish line first while jumping over the hurdles. The event shares many properties with the 400m race and 110m Hurdles.


Racers begin at their starting line. When the announcer announces On Your Marks and Get Set, pressing B Button on the Wii Remote makes the character ready themself and build up potential energy. Once the gunshot is heard, releasing B Button and swinging down the Wii Remote will give the player a boost. Running is controlled by alternating the movement of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Jumping over hurdles is done by pressing the B Button button.

Like the 400m, the characters have stamina that will run out if they run too fast. If it depletes, the player will stop running for a short time as the meter refills. If it runs out when a racer is about to jump over a hurdle, if the player's timing is poor, the hurdle is not cleared. The sprint at the last hundred meters is also present. Like the 110m, if a hurdle is cleared with perfect timing, characters receive a speed boost. If they hit a hurdle, they stumble and lose their current speed.


Wii version[edit]


This event is Bowser's third mission, and he must finish first with a time between forty-five and fifty-three seconds without knocking down a single hurdle.


This event is Princess Daisy's third mission and is identical to Bowser's.


This event is Wario's sixth and final mission. To complete the mission, Wario must beat Luigi. Luigi starts ahead of Wario, but Wario has the inside track therefore giving him the advantage in the race.


This event is Sonic the Hedgehog's fifth mission. He has to finish first while using up all of his energy sprinting so that he staggers across the finish line.

DS version[edit]


This event is Daisy's first mission. She must win without knocking down a single hurdle.


This event is Yoshi's sixth and final mission, and he has to beat Tails.


This event is Waluigi's first mission, and he has to finish first while starting three seconds after the other competitors.


This event is Sonic's third mission. He has to perform the sprint jump seven times.