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Age: 11
Gender: Male
Lives in: New York, United States
Favorite Games: all FOUR 3-D platformers, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I am ThirdMarioBro, and welcome to my userpage! I joined this wiki recently, and I have been contributing ever since I made this account. This is currently my favorite site. I am an expert at Mario 3-D platforming games, especially the Galaxy series, so you can ask me for help on these games. If you want to talk to me, go here, or you can just look at my pathetically short userpage.




This is my friend userbox! If you want to be friends, just leave a message on my userpage, and I will respond as soon as I can.

ThirdMarioBro's Userbox Tower
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Diddy Kong from DK: Jungle Climber.
Artwork of Yoshi for Mario Party 4
Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers
Petey Piranha from Mario Super Sluggers
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Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: A Blue Luma
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How I got here

I used to look on Bulbapedia for information on Pokemon. One day, I scrolled to the bottom of the main page and found links to other wikis, and I clicked the Super Mario Wiki link. I came here, made an account, and made an edit, but I didn't like seeing the ads and left. After a few months, I came back and made a new account, surprised to see that the ads were gone. I finally started editing, and I hope to improve this wiki as much as I can.

Deposit of Random Stuff

This is a video of what is widely considered the MOST DIFFICULT BOSS IN VIDEO GAMING. Watch the video, freak out at the massive walls of bullets, and enjoy. I don't have this game; if I did, I would probably just get a Game Over ten seconds into the first level.