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About Me

I am Madikoopa (as evidenced by the page title.) I'm just a normal user, but if you're having trouble with something, I'll do my best to help. I found MarioWiki when I was looking up information about Yoshi. I was interested in what I found, so I browsed here as a guest for a long time until I joined during the summer, and now I'm here! I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing. I love animals; I have a dog, a rabbit, and a fish. My favorite animal, however, is the crow, because they're so intelligent it's scary. I'm also into science, and am currently reading up on quantum physics and the like.

I'm also active on the forums, so feel free to contact me there!

My Games

Favorite Mario Characters

These are my favorite Mario characters! (Of course, the majority of them are villains...-.-')

My Art

This is where my art goes (which kind of stinks but I'm using it for something else and have nowhere to put it. It'll only be here temporarily.)

My Userbox

This is my userbox if you want to be friends! |-



That's all, folks! YELLO GOODBYE!

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