“I once started a gang war. I call it a gang war because they all ganged up on me.”
The introduction to most of my userpages.
A Mario character who also wears sunglasses, has his hair in a ponytail, tucks his shirt in way too often and thinks he's cooler than he really is.


About Me

I forget when I joined this wiki, but I know I had been on it way longer than that. The only reason I joined is because of a single typo I wished to fix but I didn't want my IP address to be public. My first "major" edit was an attempt at rewriting the Donkey Kong article. The article, as I recall, contained outdated misinformation regarding the identity of Donkey Kong, namely regarding the FACT that the original Donkey Kong from the 1981 arcade game is now Cranky Kong, and that the character currently referred to as Donkey Kong is his grandson. It appeared as though the article was in a strange transitional phase, like, it still had info about Cranky Kong, and yet "clearly" "stated" that the two were not the same character. Anyways, the edit was immediately undone by Alex95, which is good, because that was a very poorly-written edit.

My relation with the Super Mario series dates back quite a few years. A friend of mine was a major Mario fan, and he once brought over a couple games for the Wii - if I remember correctly, he brought New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii (everyone had that game; I recently got a copy from a friend), and Mario Strikers Charged. I distinctly remember wanting to be Luigi in NSMBWii, but my friend made me be Bucken-Berry (that is his name), due to my affinity for the colour blue. Since then, I have come to the realization that Bucken-Berry is better than Luigi in every way, though he ain't got nothing on Toadbert, by boogity.

Anyways, when I got my Wii U around 2013, I got New Super Mario Bros. U, and couldn't beat the first level. In NSMBU. Yes, I was that bad. I later got Lego City: Undercover and didn't pick up Mario again for about a year, when I got to around the World 5 Tower using Super Guide and got bored. It was this game that made me obsessed with the Koopalings for a few years, mix that with a YouTube channel called LuigiFan00001 and BAM I suck at Mario but Ludwig's my favorite character, apparently.

Since then, I have played a very large number of Mario games, most recently getting Super Mario 64 from the Wii U eShop (they tax digital games, consumer beware) and, of course, being here, part of this community. If you were to ask me what my favourite game in the series was, I'd have to say either Galaxy or Odyssey. My favorite Mario character is without a doubt Dieter, one of the Best Fitness Friends from Bowser Jr.'s Journey.

For the wiki, I created a BJAODN page. So that's cool. I also created some pages for the rubbish they announced for the 35th anniversary, which ended up being so bad that not only were they deleted, but they also ended up on the MarioWiki Twitter page. Hey, I'm proud. Free publicity, and all that.

Where else I can be found

Since Triforce Wiki is not yet officially part of NIWA, I'll have to link it through text like a SCRUB: https://zeldawiki.info/User:AwdryFan1997. Note that I am well versed in the ways of the CD-i.

I am also an admin on the Mushroom City Car Wash Wiki, the wiki for that one really popular roleplay on MarioBoards, which I contributed to up until I got banned.


  • Mama Luigi was aired on the fiftieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
  • Bowser is canonically a capitalist.

The Long End of Bungle Bim (Satire)

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Super Smash Bros. series

Bungle Bim first appears in the original Super Smash Bros. as the game's only Trophy. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a boss in Classic Mode, and his only attack is Hand Slap, an attack that slaps. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Bimmy appears as a playable fighter, though his only attack is still Hand Slap, the cans of fruit. He returns in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with no changes whatsoever, though he was not in the 3DS version because the Hand Slap attack caused the system to self-destruct. Why they didn't choose Ice Climbers instead is still a question being asked in scientific circles to this very day. He returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, now with a neutral aerial attack titled Roll, which makes him curl up into the fetal position. Masahiro Sakurai has gone on record saying that Bimmy will return in the next Smash game, even if he isn't directing it.

Actual Significant Appearances Pertaining to the Mario Franchise