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Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)


Ah, relaxation is nice! Not a worry in my mind!

*muffled voices from outside, door bursts open*

SMB (with his angry face): MG1! Your sections haven't been turned in for over a month! What is going on!
MG1 (notices very sharp-looking hatchet on SMB's back): Yes, sir! *runs off to work*

And there's a little runthrough of how my Saturday went! Hey everybody, MG1 here for another long-overdue issue of Character Reviews!

This issue, we will be covering the next chapter in the TTYD set, chapter 4! However this chapter only has one character so I will try to make it a big section.


Artwork of Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Not to mention the design is pretty amusing.

Yes, this month's character is the one-and-only, unique, totally-not-like-any-other-duplighost, Doopliss! Doopliss is, if you haven't figured out, a Duplighost and the only (necessary) boss in Chapter 4. In that chapter, Doopliss transforms all of the residents into pigs and tries to impersonate Mario. Eventually he fails and joins up with the Shadow Sirens to replace Vivian.

I really like what the developers did with Doopliss. His appearance as a chapter boss was a bit underwhelming as it was a drop from dragons and robots, but when he joined up with the sirens, he became more of comedic relief and I started to like him. I think Doopliss is a pretty funny character and I definitely think he was a good addition to the game. If only his first appearance as a solo character was as good.

Totals (already?)

Yes, totals! Doopliss, master of Dooplissity, receives a lovely 9/10 for making me laugh. Which is very hard to do.