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Krunch was nominated to be a featured article at 6:15 August 30, 2020 and passed at 12:49, 6 September 2020.


  1. User:Paper Jorge – I have put a lot of love and heart into this article as should be evidenced. One must only see the accomplished feat, as this is what it looked like on July 6. The article has been stuffed full of information and citations, and yet, it is not useless "fluff" information. Each detail is important, from his character conception, to his brief stints in games and manga, to where his character's legal status lays now. Coupled with that are various images from his brief appearances, and all the stats and details relevant to his two game appearances. Krunch is an article nursed and cared for deeply, an example of how much lore can be squeezed out from obscurity, and what lengths Mario fans can go to demonstrate their love and passion for every nook and cranny of a video game series.
  2. Glowsquid – I foresee a bunch of opposes on the basis the article isn't all that big but the point of FA is not to highlight the articles that take the longest to scroll down, but articles that are definitive in their coverage of the subject - and this is definitely the most comprehensive piece of writing about everyone's Diddy Kong Racing crocodile anywhere on the internet.
  3. Alex95 (talk) - I see no real problems and the article is well-structured.
  4. Tails777 (talk) Per all, I think the article looks fine.
  5. Waluigi Time (talk) All I have to say is... wow. Having seen the article in its previous state just around a week ago, I was shocked when I clicked on it today. Very impressive work.
  6. DarkNight (talk) Per Paper Jorge.
  7. Results May Vary (talk) Count my support in here too.
  8. Shokora (talk) – A complete and well-referenced article. Per all.
  9. Bye Guy (talk) Per all.


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