MarioWiki:BJAODN/April Fool's 2020/F2P

Starting next year, the Super Mario Wiki will see a revamped financial mode, which we've named Free to Peruse. The following explains the why and how it will impact your reading and editing experience.


We’ll be honest, keeping the lights on has been tough and we’ve long looked at ways to reward our contributor base for their hard work over the years. As such, effective February 29, 2021, the wiki will see a revamped financial structure. Pages will be locked down from viewing and editing unless one purchases a Mushroom (more details below) or sign up for our subscription pass. Wikidollars' can be earned by signing up, logging-in and accomplishing editor challenges. Beanbeancoins is a second type of currency that is more fun and needed to purchase some features. 1,010,101,010,101:1 wikicoins translate to one Beanbean coin but fear not, for you can also purchasse Beanbean coins with real money!

The intent is to provide editors and readers alike a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Subscription plan

As we know our faithful will no doubt jump at the chance to support us, we plan to provide a Subscription Pass. For $10 monthly, you will have a monthly allotment of 50 Mushrooms and free access to the first three headers of the Mario page (As the page is longer than some actual novels, we feel quite justified in asking you $10 to read the remainder).

Also ownership of the Subscription plan is required in order to be elligible for a promotion to any administrative status in the Super Mario Wiki community. Sorry subscription-less rubes, but we have to be sure of your loyalty.

List of badges

Badges will be a new exciting feature core to this revamp. For a modest fee, readers and editors alike will be able to purchase a variety of fun add-ons, ranging from cosmetics to various items that alter the editing and voting experience for when good old-fashioned debating and concensus-building just isn't enough.

Badge Item Description Price
  1 Mushroom

Unlock a random wiki page.

  3 Mushrooms

Unlock 3 random wiki pages.


Enables Pie button, for purchasing pie.


  Bob Hoskins

Cancels swear-filter.

  Princess Daisy

Plays a bitcrushed "Hi I'm Daisy" on an incessant loop for 3 week on target user's account whenever they are logged-in.



Allows you to take control of another user's account for 30 minutes. Cancelled by Spin.


Cancels effect of Cappy OR lets you wipe away up to 5 opposing Proposals votes.

  Tanooki Suit

Makes account invisible to admins and bypass any blocks.


Adds Noshi’s mug to a random selection of 25% of the wiki’s pages. You love Noshi, right?

  Pirate Goomba

The Pirate Goomba badge is a Pirate Goomba badge.


Plays this sound clip whenever you win a talk or Proposals vote.

  Fire Pink Donkey Kong Jr.

Pink Donkey Kong Jr. after being on fire. Combine with Ukiki badge for a 0.00000000531% chance of crafting Diddy Kong.

  Goomba's Shoe

Permanently bans a user or admin of your choice.

  Double Cherry

Creates a clone of your account for supporting proposals, shutting down talk page discussions, etc.

  Strollin’ Stu

Drafts you into the Strollin’ Stu war.

  Swipin' Stu

Lets you impersonate another user's username for 24 hours.

  Winged Strollin’ Stu

Get this and you'll be soarin' to greatness.

  Smolderin' Stu

Sorry but we absolutely cannot think of any more characters you’d be willing to spend money on.