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== I'm still kinda new so if I do something wrong, can someone point it out. Thanks-Pal101


For one thing, those articles you made are too minor to have their own article. Bruce Lee is not a Mario character and only makes a spoken cameo, therefore he belongs in the List of Cameos page. And your other recent article, if it is just a one-time mention don't make an article. And the last thing YOU NEED TO CATEGORIZE. Brawlslce.gifA fan of Yoshi | Here

Thank you. What do you mean by catagorize though?-Pal101
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Pal101 (talk).

add a category. Max2 (talk)

He means add categories to the end of your articles, such as [[Category: Enemies]] or [[Category: Bosses]], and so forth. It might be good to learn the categories. Phoenix Rider 11:50, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

How do I do that?-Pal101

Just put the appropriate category at the end of the article in this form: [[Category: XYZ]], replacing XYZ with the appropriate category. And repeat as many times as necessary. Phoenix Rider

Thanks just did that with the Vanda article-Pal101

No problem. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask. ;) Phoenix Rider 12:05, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

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How do I add a backround to my profile? User:Pal101

BTW Are you asking how to get color on your userpage? Cause I could do that for you. Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionETC

hey! if you want fanon go to the!

--Master Crash 12:05, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

Nice. Can you make it blue/black. User:Pal101

There some of my favorite colors. User:Pal101

<table style="color:blue;background:black;border:1px solid #151;-moz-border-radius:6px;padding:8px;" width=100%> <tr><td>

Put that at the top of your page, sorry i forgot about this (0_0') Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionETC

Thanks User:Pal101

Uhh, Super paper luigi, isn't that off-topic? MP8 DryBones.pngHappy Halloween! 25px

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Also, please sign all your comments (don't be mad at me if I did this; I was just saying). MP8 DryBones.pngHappy Halloween! 25px