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My thought for Mario Kart 8[edit]

I think there should be a very special cup where it is ALL RAINBOW ROADS FROM THE PAST! So great. It's so great. Koopakoolklub (talk)User:Koopakoolklub

Mario Kart Rainbow Roads[edit]

Yes, that would be something! By the way, my favorite Rainbow Road themes are the N64 and GCN ones. I also hope that the N64 Rainbow Road returns in Mario Kart 8 with an EPIC version of the track's theme. EPIC!

So far, I like the confirmed retro tracks for MK8, especially the 3DS ones. One thing that makes me disappointed, though, is how all the best Wii tracks (in my opinion) were used in Mario Kart 7-including my all-time favorite, Koopa Cape.


However, I still hope Toad's Factory and DK Summit return. Overall, I am very excited for the new game!

PS: I will update my predictions are more information is revealed, so check back!
The preceding unsigned comment was added by BossBass (talk).

Mario Kart 8[edit]

Wow, I like the idea of retro tracks you predict for Mario Kart 8, but in my opinion, Nintendo is using too many Wii and 3DS tracks, which i wouldn't call retro. There should be a game dedicated towards Mario Kart retro tracks in high quality. Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Epic Rosalina Tanooki Rosalina.png 19:28, 3 March 2014 (EST)

Retro tracks[edit]

Yeah, Nintendo has a trend of adding 4 retros from the last 2 games. Come to think of it, those tracks take up a lot of space, meaning less room for other retros. However, I kept with this trend in my list, since I am predicting the most likely tracks, not nessesarily the ones I think would be best. *sigh* *koopa cape* *sigh*

I have a present for you![edit]

I heard you're new, so I decided to help you. Here's a userbox!

Boss bass smb3.png

Hope you like it! I'm adding you as my friend on my page if that's OK. Hit "edit" and copy and paste the userbox coding. I'll give you mine in a second.



Here's mine!


Once again, just click edit and copy and paste it. Now you have two userboxes. Type in :

BossBass's Userbox Tower

then paste your two userboxes here

There you go! Want a cheat sheet? Copy and paste that.

BossBass's Userbox Tower
Boss bass smb3.png


Your TPP about splitting Koopa Clown has passed, feel free to split the articles whenever. Yoshi876 (talk)

Boss Bro.[edit]

Regarding the change from in-game name "Sumo Bro (boss)" back to "Boss Sumo Bro." - can you verify that the guide itself uses "Bro." rather than "Bro", since that's been essentially debunked even in previous Prima guides, and list a page number? LinkTheLefty (talk) 15:34, 8 February 2015 (EST)