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The 'Shroom[edit]

I already saved the text, 3dejong. You'll see it again when The 'Shroom comes out next week. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 18:50, 2 January 2007 (EST)

Tap-Tap the Purple[edit]

Since you have the Yoshi's Story players guide can you find an official name for Tap-Tap the Purple? Thanks! Paper Jorge

Oh yeah and cool scans. Paper Jorge


I still have one more original design to add to the template – I'm trying to respark PP:LEV, and scratching the "multiple levels on one page" idea. Thanks to some of my user sub-pages, simply typing "Super Easy" or "Hard" brings up the correct bg color as well – I have to tinker a bit. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:17, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Re: Comic[edit]

What file extension is it? You should be able to reupload it if it's the same name and the same file extension, after confirming you want to replace the current image. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 17:27, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Oh... :D
For and only for yourself, you need to hard refresh to see the changes. Go the file and press F5. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 17:29, 3 January 2007 (EST)

Wii Wiil Rawk U[edit]

Umm...well actually no I don't have a Wii. That quote was just for fun :D! Paper Jorge

Sorry. But again that quote never said that I had a Wii right? Paper Jorge


I read your thing over on Wayoshi's page. Hah! I type over 60 words per minute. Not meaning to put you down. But I do type over 60 words per minute, though. Don't take it like an insult. Here's a tip, in fact. If you find on F and J there's little bumps. Put your pointer fingers on those keys, hand on the side that the key is on. Now put your middle fingers on D and K, not a Donkey Kong reference. Now put your rings fingers on S and L. Put your pinkies on A and semicolon. Now rest your thumbs on spacebar. Now just find the easiest way to reach the other keys. This will take a little or a lot of practice. I believe in you. I'm typing this in like a minute. You can achieve my goals by following the way. I believe in you. I said that already. Good luck!

Mariofan132, copying your signature!

Any time. Feel free to ask me for tips any time. Tell me when you reach 60!

Mariofan132, saying that I'm not copying your signature, but really am/are?.

Two Notes[edit]

a) Looks like your status is too long again - sorry for the limit. :( b) Check your DS whenever and post the MotM FC at the forum.

Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 13:31, 6 January 2007 (EST)

YIDS PG[edit]

If you have the PG, do you have official Artwork of Baby Wario? I want the image of him on the cover, but without the E for Everyone thing. It'll look cool on his article. WarioLoaf (talk)

  • Thanks, Thats alsome, hope its not scanned from the cover of the PG is it? Or is it a better pic? WarioLoaf (talk)
  • Perfect, man! WarioLoaf (talk)

Lemmy Land[edit]

I'm Poink there.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--


You go every ware with Luigi and collect hats when needed, right? I use Wario, and its more of a challenge and fun. Luigi is quick and tends to be an easy win. Wario looks cool without his hat, first appearance with him without his hat I think, in 3D! WarioLoaf (talk)

  • Just got my 99th star with a Hatless Wario in Wet-Dry Land. I need to record that. Hmmmmmmm, Hatless Wario Rocks. I only used Yoshi at the beginning and twice afterwards. Never again have I used anyone else after I got Wario. WarioLoaf (talk)
  • I hate how you need to go down the castle slide a second time. What for, though? WarioLoaf (talk)


  • LOL, no, thanks, though.

icon_retarded.gif WarioLoaf (talk)

How's Things[edit]

Hey 3D, how are things going? Just wanted to check if I missed anything while I was gone, though I might leave again depending on my boss. Oh, and can we schedule a MKDS match? Can't wait for Luigi Vs. Luigi.Knife (talk)

Ahh... thanks man. Hey, what about that MKDS match. ;)Knife (talk)

Baby Wario[edit]


You keep on doing a good job on those pictures! I have to congrstulate you! Paper Jorge


Where do you find all of your artwork? I've been looking for the Yoshi's Island DS ones forever. --Bentendo 19:33, 11 January 2007 (EST)

  • Cool, good job at doing that! --Bentendo 19:41, 11 January 2007 (EST)


I have 120 stars at the moment, started later beacuse of my MKDS thing I did :( Congrats! WarioLoaf (talk)

  • Which Rabbit, they seem easier to catch in this game than N64's WarioLoaf (talk)
  • When you get on the roof, what do you get, 100 lives? WarioLoaf (talk)
  • That's it?! No 100 lives?! ... :( WarioLoaf (talk)


Did you look in your player's guide? Parayoshiicon.jpgPara Yoshi Wahoo!Parayoshiicon.jpg 22:08, 12 January 2007 (EST)

|8-| Hmm… I see. Does that mean you can't look at your player's guide? Parayoshiicon.jpgPara Yoshi Wahoo!Parayoshiicon.jpg 20:45, 13 January 2007 (EST)


I see you've taken an interest to the comment I left you on recent changes. Me... and your mother feel that in the future, you should take more responsibility for your things. Now son, I have to cleaned your room up, but please add more to your room.



Sure my good friend sure! Tell me what to make. Paper Jorge

You're grounded from vidoegames? Sounds sad. So Lava Ghost, Spark Spook, and Ick Worm I got it. Now Melons...well they aren't important really, I don't care about them, I just try to eat everything. Paper Jorge
Hey 3D since I do have the game, but don't know the official names what are Lava Ghosts and Spark Spooks? Details please. Paper Jorge
Sad for you...what did you do? Something bad. And enemy details? Paper Jorge


May I use your sprite, the one for comics. I've decided to try to make one on my own. If so, please paste it on my talk page.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

Hey 3D![edit]

Really, nothing new happening except Wayoshi has an idea of challenges...other than that nothing new. Good luck scanning! Paper Jorge

I's really just for fun...and there's no sign up paper either. No one really has to sign up, you can do it anytime. Paper Jorge

Sure man don't make them too fuzy thought, like those Mario Kart DS screenshots of Prayoshi (no offense). Also try to delete text and pictures that don't belong. Try. Paper Jorge

I don't mean to be rude, but…[edit]

You can only have one sig pic. Parayoshiicon.jpgPara Yoshi Wahoo!Parayoshiicon.jpg 14:50, 17 January 2007 (EST)

SM64DS return[edit]

thanks. Your help will be appreciated. Possibly my biggest project yet. WarioLoaf (talk)

  • Yup, that'd be sweet. Please add some Rec Room games, I added as much as I had (Wario has the most) lol WarioLoaf (talk)
  • Nice Sig, and Thanx. WarioLoaf (talk)


Funny thing I don't know how to make grids either 0_o. Maybe you can copy them from the March of the Minis or Mario Kart DS article... *insert warioloaf's retarded smily here* Paper Jorge, who doesn't have a sig like yours...

  • Yup I will. I'll put it up when your start editing. WarioLoaf (talk)


Hey, I usually don't ask this of other users but this is a huge project. Can you help me make Redirects to every Weapon in the Weapons (SMRPG) and later, Armor (SMRPG)? Only one to leave alone is Hammer. Thanks!Knife (talk)

Replace the pages' content with #REDIRECT [[Weapons (SMRPG)]]. If the page doesn't exist, create one and add that and ONLY that understand?Knife (talk)

Thanks. Moving onto Yoshi626.Knife (talk)

Reply: Peachycakes[edit]

Yeah, I'm still getting rid of the "________ is a sockpuppet of PEACHYCAKES!" pages -- Sir Grodus

Table for SM64DS Secret Stars[edit]

Add all the way to 30.

{| border="1" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 align="center" style="background:#fdfffd" width=98% ! colspan=4 style="background:#f0fff0" align=center | <big>Secret Stars</big> |- ! width=1% | # !! width=22% | Area !! width=52% | How to Get the Star !! width=23% style="text-align:center" | Character Required |- |1 || || || |- |2 || || || |- |3 || || || |- |4 || || || |- |5 || || || |- |6 || || || |- |7 || || || |- |}

WarioLoaf (talk)

  • Alsome, now, hope you make great summaries. WarioLoaf (talk)
  • I suggest you get your own computer, then you can be here more often. :( Want me to do the secret Stars and you can add to them when I'm done? WarioLoaf (talk)
  • Done it, ready fopr your additions. There are 12 spaces accounted for, plus the 15 stars from 100 coin challenges and the 6 stars acquired in the Bowser worlds are mentioned. WarioLoaf (talk)
  • ooosie. I was doing something for wayoshi's favor, wont happen again. WarioLoaf (talk)
  • Oh yea, 100 coin challenge isn't a secret star, What about the Boos red coins in the court yard or the stars the toads give out? WarioLoaf (talk)