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About me

Hello guys. I'm Wario Luigi64. First of all, let me give you some of my "Mario Gamer Knowledge" (I made that up). I know of a few things in Mario games that you might not know.

  • In Super Mario Sunshine, If you go into the underground entrance in between the portals to Ricco Harbor and Pinna Park and come back up, use the Hover Nozzle right as you reach the top of the manhole and hover away from it. If done correctly, the game will think you're supposed to still be in that sewer, and every time you go over it, you'll go through even with performing a ground pound.
  • I've beaten Luigi's Mansion in about 2 days, and Super Mario Galaxy in about 3 days.
  • How the heck do you beat a Dry Bones for good in Super Mario Galaxy?

Well, that's all I'm gonna tell you--in this section--for now.

My Favorites

Here's where I give you my favorites of Mario Games.

  • My favorite game is Luigi's Mansion.
  • My favorite enemies are Dry Bones.
  • My favorite charcter is, well, Luigi!

That's all for now here.


Now, of course there's trivia here. Why wouldn't there be?

  • My username was supposed to be Wario_Luigi64, but the underscore was gone.
  • I was gonna put who my favorite Koopaling is, which is Ludwig von Koopa, but that would go with bosses, and I like Fiery Dino Piranha more.
  • I've also managed to do a glitch in Super Mario Sunshine, where you go into the Radio Tower via underground pathways and then ground pound right as you get to the peak of the height and fall through everything and go into a place where everything is blue and you lose a life just by standing there, but that is VERY hard to do.

Okay, I admit there's not much, but I don't really care.