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Welcome: This is a page where I plan out projects, ways to improve the Wiki, lists of things to do etc.

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First set of stuff

  1. Add stats (defense exp location and level) of Mario & Luigi RPG enemies.
  2. Adding plenty of information on the RPG characters
  3. Planning big editing projects
  4. Making articles on missed characters things etc.
  5. Fixing incomplete templates
  6. Fight Vandalism
  7. Adding {{Unsigned}} on unsigned messages.
  8. Providing links when necessary.
  9. Removing related from RPG infoboxes.
  10. Reviving related to some RPG infoboxes.
  11. Adding aboutfiles to images.

Pages to add/Projects

  • Complete
Slashed out means I cancelled the project.
  1. Paper Peach *
  2. Paper Bowser Jr. *
  3. Paper Kamek*
  4. Cosmic Luigi *
  5. Adding more information on the Bowser's Inside Story enemies.
  6. Going on Paper Jam enemies and Easy Mode stats.
  7. Expanding Super Princess Peach worlds and enemies.
  8. Adding Fire Urchin article. (Now a redirect)
  9. Uploading more HD New versions of images.
  10. Uploading Images for all 100 Sammer Guys.
  11. Adding category bosses to Mario series bosses.
  12. Completing enemy lists in Yoshi's Island DS*
  13. Ensuring that all playable characters are listed in SPM pages and not just Mario.
  14. List all the map loot from Flamm.*
  15. Deciding whether pages need to be moved or not.
  16. Creating Mini Bosses category and adding it on articles.
  17. Fixing up images with no aboutfile and incorrect license.

That's it for now There will be more soon

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